text color painter and collage artist brooke petermann.jpg

hello, dear friend. my name is brooke.

i've been making art for the last fifteen years.

my paintings are an expression of my inner life and a proclamation of hope. i see both a text based story and a color story in the moments of my life. my art explores the ways the two stories can come together and build on one another.

by putting color on the page, i am letting loose the words that are too often unsaid and the beauty of the small things that are so commonly overlooked.

acrylic paint on wood panel and collage with painted paper are my media of choice.

i had the privilege of a few gallery showings and awards in the early 2000s.  i took a long break from both showing and selling while my babes were all babes, but i'm back at it and loving it.  

artwork is currently for sale through my etsy shop, via direct messages on instagram or at various local shows.

follow along on instagram (for daily prettiness and some behind the scenes sneaks), join my mailing list and / or email me at petermann.brooke@gmail.com. i would love to connect with you!

sometimes happiness is at the end of a paintbrush!