everyday update - first quarter by the numbers

everyday update - first quarter by the numbers

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For 2019, I’ve chosen the word “everyday” to be my focus. The big idea is that I want to celebrate the ordinary moments and find ways to elevate my everyday life, rather than focusing a lot of energy on the “big moments.” You can read more about this choice in this post.

As part of my focus, I’ve been diligent about tracking my daily activities and moods in the Daylio App. I have a notification set to pop up on my phone at 8pm (the kids’ bedtime) and usually mark my daily activities as I sit by their beds waiting for them to fall asleep. Sam really likes to “help” with this too, so I sometimes use it as a bribe to keep him moving along the get-ready-for-bed train. “Sam, you can do my Daylio as soon as you go potty and get your jammies on.” It usually works - serving to get him in bed a little quicker and helping me to not miss a day.

Through this first quarter of the year, things have been looking on the sunny side. I’ve recorded 43 rad days, 42 good days and 5 meh days.

My best days in both January and February were Fridays, with Mondays coming in at a close second. I had no “best days” in March as I ended up with an even count of rad days between all the days except Sundays and Wednesdays. Apparently Sundays and Wednesdays are a little less rad than the rest.

And I’ve tracked a lot of things. Here’s a quick rundown of most of them.


  • 10,000 step goal: 56 times

    • Almost half of these were in January. I’m planning to get back to this again in April and onward.

    • Still using the Fitbit Alta to track my steps, but I would like to upgrade to the Versa whenever the next round of sales happens.

  • Spent time reading for my own pleasure: 62 days

    • I’ve finished 11 books so far in 2019 and currently have three more going.

  • Worked on an art project: 6 days

  • Worked on the newspaper crossword puzzles: 16 days

  • Worked on a “big project”: 25 days

    • I count basically any work I accomplish that will help my future self or that is something I am working on as part of a goal list

  • Woke up before the kids: 38 time

  • Spent time writing: 59 days

    • I counted any day that I wrote for 15-20 minutes or more.

  • Spent time sewing: 15 days

  • Visited the library: 11 times

  • Had a good amount of alone time: 8 days

    • Generally an hour or more of uninterrupted time to myself. I would love this number to be higher, but haven’t figured out how to make it happen. Someday it will be happen regularly again - and then I will likely find myself wishing for more time with the kids. I’m trying to just be happy with where I am.

  • Spent the day at home: 32 days

    • These are days when I either literally stayed home all day or only left home to take Sam to school in the morning and pick him up in the afternoon. We’ve had a good number of “snow days” this winter, so several of these were forced. I try to plan at least two days like this each week, if at all possible. It is the only way that I feel like I can keep caught up on housework and my own projects. And these days are almost always marked as “rad” in my tracking app.

  • Took a 20 minute nap: 11 days

    • I am the queen of 20 minute naps. I set my phone time for 23 minutes, fall asleep pretty quickly and almost always wake up with a minute or two left on the timer.


  • Spent time praying: 58 days

  • Spent time at church: 14 days

  • Read the Bible: 20 days

  • Read a devotional or did other personal Bible study: 12 times

    • separate from my church, group Bible study or just reading my Bible without study material


  • Took the kids on some sort of outing: 31 times

    • Trips to the Children’s Museum, out to lunch, etc.

  • Spent time with friends: 24 days

  • Took the kids on play dates (or hosted): 9 times

  • Watched sports with Sam: 9 times

  • Played outside with the kids: 15 days

    • 10 of the 15 days were in March when the weather finally warmed up


  • Brian was out at night, so I solo parented through dinner and bedtime: 11 times

  • Worked at the hospital: 7 days

  • One or more kids were sick for most or all of a day: 7 days

  • I was sick for most or all of a day: 6 days

    • 5 of these days were headaches in March

  • Saw a Pepsi truck : 4 times

    • These have been my personal “good luck charms” for the last fifteen years, even though I don’t like Pepsi. (Weird, but true.)

    • Two sightings were in a single day

/ / /

Overall, it’s been a good start to the year and I am content with the numbers outlined above. I am excited to add zoo trips, picnics and park time to the totals in the coming months.

/ / /

I can’t overstate the value I’ve found in tracking my days. Noting the correlation between how I spend my time and how I feel about the day at the end of it, has been so helpful. It has pushed me to make better plans for my days and to use my time more wisely - powerful things in both the short and long term.

Any other activity / mood trackers out there? Have you done more intensive time tracking?

xo brooke

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