releasing control

releasing control

Let me tell you about my problems. Not because you care about my problems, but because I bet they aren’t so different from your own.

I’m not talking about the logistical problems that crop up day to day and week to week.

I’m talking about the ones that sit right on your chest and won’t ease up. Maybe it’s a money problem or a messy relationship or the need for a change that you can see and feel, but still just aren’t quite sure you are ready to tackle. Maybe it’s an issue or obstacle that you recognize in the life of someone close to you - your spouse, your child, your best friend. Whatever it is, it feels bigger than you, makes a dull roar in the background of the rest of your life and just won’t go away.

Been there?

Yeah, me too. And it isn’t a great place to be.

There probably isn’t a quick fix for your problem. If there was, you would have taken care of it weeks ago. But, there is a solution. It’s called giving the problem away.


Here’s how it goes in my world:

The problem enters my life and won’t go away. I think, “I should pray about this.” I don’t actually pray about it. The problem persists. I again think, “I should pray about this.” Again, I fail to pray. I remind myself, “The last time you prayed about a problem of this sort, God gave you peace in the waiting and the problem was resolved so much more perfectly with His help than it ever would have been solved without giving it to Him.” Still, I fail to actually pray. This happens over the course of days or weeks or sometimes months.

And then I start to pray. I pray about the problem and ask for His guidance and help. I feel marginally better. I pray again the next hour or the next day. And the next. (But, I don’t actually give the problem to God, I’m just sort of talking about it with Him.)

I realize that I’m still trying to control things. It isn’t a good plan, but it’s hard for me to let go of my imagined control. So, I start pray for a willingness to release it into His hands. And I pray for peace. Sometimes it takes another hour or day or week, but eventually I give it all to God. I leave it in His capable and loving hands. I let go so God can do His work.

And the peace flows.

The problem might not be immediately solved, but once I let God take control that background roar just disappears. I can live my life more fully. The problem doesn’t enter my mind nearly as often as it did before and when it does, I feel peace. I know He is working on it. I know He will lead me or direct me in my next step.

And then the problem gets taken care of. Always and always in a way that shows me (yet again) that His ways are better than my own.


Whatever it is that is heavy on your heart and tripping you up day after day, God has a solution and it’s almost certainly better than you can even imagine. Start talking to Him and ask Him to help you release it. Give it to Him and wait to see the wondrous ways He works. He is just waiting for you.

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