2019 goals, projects and plans

2019 goals, projects and plans

2019 is off and running and I have a nice long-ish list of things I want to do this year. Here’s a quick rundown:

Complete my third round of the #100dayproject - and I think I’ve figured out the general plan! I will wait a while to reveal it (and give myself a bit more time to contemplate), but I know that I want to use a host of varying media to complete my project - much like my rainbows in 2018. This project has been one of the biggest highlights of my last two years and I am so excited to embark on round three.

Three savings goals:

  • Retirement. We have a separate savings account earmarked for retirement and our IRA draws from that account monthly. Our goal is to always have the savings account funded with a full years worth of withdrawals. This way, if something were to happen to our income, we could continue to fund our retirement for a good stretch of time - or use that money for a more immediate need, if that situation should arise.

  • Christmas. I try to fill this account as early in the year as possible and then let it sit until the next holiday season. We don’t buy the kids (or ourselves) much for toys or luxuries outside of birthdays and Christmas, but it is really fun to have a big splurge at the end of the year and know that we have the money to pay for it.

  • House remodeling. The need to replace the carpeting in the main living area is becoming more obvious all the time. It was new when we moved in (as was our whole house). Almost nine years and three kids later - it is just pretty well worn and stained. We would like to replace the entire main living area (living room, toy room, kitchen, dining and entry) with hard flooring of some sort. We also want to knock down the wall between the kitchen and living room, get new counters, paint the cabinets, etc. So, we have a starter remodeling budget goal for this year - and will, I’m sure, need to add to it before we can get everything done. But every dollar helps, right?

Year eight of weekly Project Life spreads. This is the main way I document our family life - both in photos and journaling. I contemplated switching to a monthly format for a hot minute, but then I received the bulk of my 2018 weekly spreads and was reminded how nice it is to have each week recorded. I am making one big change, however. Instead of two pages (a full left and right page layout), I will be recording each week as a single page. This should make the project a slightly smaller time commitment and make the cost of the fully printed album half the price! (The link to the Project Life website is an affiliate link.)

Three camping trips. Last year was our first summer of camping and we all loved it. We are anxious to do it again.

Three trips:

  • Illinois. I will take the kids to see my mom and step-dad over Spring break. Except for the long car drive, this should be pretty low stress and lots of fun.

  • Seattle. My sister is expecting a baby toward the end of March. Plans are still in the works for my visit, but I think it will be the last week of April. I am already so, so excited to meet my niece or nephew, to be as helpful to my sister and brother-in-law as possible and to have almost a full week without mom duties.

  • Summer trip. We haven’t yet decided where we will take our family vacation. We are leaning toward Rapid City, SD (Black Hills and Mount Rushmore) or Chicago. If we went to Chicago, we could sneak in another visit to my mom and step-dad along the way, which would be nice.

End the year with only 10 things left on my “40 before 40” list. So far, I’ve completed eight and started three others. That leaves me with 22 things to finish or accomplish this calendar year - the biggest of which is “write a book.”

/ / /

One thing notably not on the list: number of books to read. I mentioned this earlier in my 2018 reading post, but I have to say it again: it feels very strange, but also very liberating to start the year without this goal. I was afraid that not making the goal might cause me to slack a bit, but I’m already reading my fourth book of the year, so it looks like that fear was unfounded - at least for now. I’m very curious to see how I will feel about this at the end of the year.

This list feels both challenging and also doable. (Except for the book part, which just feels scary.) Nonetheless, I am moving into this year with hope and anticipation. 2019, here we go!

releasing control

releasing control