Although the source escapes me, I read an article not so long ago about the value of synergy in our lives. The article encouraged me to find ways to put the things I value together in meaningful ways.

My first reaction? Cynicism. Wasn’t synergy just a fancy word for multi-tasking? Not that I’m against multi-tasking per se. Just that I've already got that going on and I’m guessing you do too.

It sometimes feels like multi-tasking might just take over my life. It’s necessary in this phase - with so many people needing me - but I don’t necessarily think it’s a great thing.

But this synergy idea wouldn’t leave my head. Where multi-tasking takes something away from each thing I’m attempting to accomplish, synergy adds value. It’s a way to add richness and depth to life.

The goal is not to be busier or less focused, but to get more from the places we give our time.

With a bit of contemplation, I found some examples of how this is already happening in my life:

I volunteer in the two and three year old Sunday School class at my church. I love it and would do it anyway, but it’s made all the richer and I look forward to it all the more because several of my friends and Brian are there too. It’s fun to interact with the kids, but it’s also great to have structured time to be with people I enjoy.

I meet up with one group of girlfriends for Bible Study every other weekend. I get together with another set of friends for monthly book club meetings. I listen to podcasts while I walk and often while I drive around town. Alternately, I pray while I walk or while I drive around town. A few times, I’ve arranged with friends to meet up at the library (kids in tow) for preschool story time. Without intention, I’m doing it.

These examples happened without forethought, but this seems like an untapped area where any degree of intention could make a big difference.

Where is this already happening in your life?

Where is there room for you to invite more into your life - more depth and richness?

Is this something you’ve thought about or purposefully worked through? …I think that part of my intrigue with this idea is that I have somehow never given it much thought and it seems like there is so much to be gleaned from any amount of focus. If you’ve already walked this walk, I would love to hear about your experiences.

Cheers and here’s to more of the more!

2019 goals, projects and plans

2019 goals, projects and plans

writing a book

writing a book