5 lessons from fall 2018

5 lessons from fall 2018

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1 / The armor of God is powerful.

I mean, of course. It’s God’s armor. He is omni-everything - including omnipotent. I started a Bible study on the armor of God three or four years ago and it just didn’t click. So I stopped. Then, my small group for church chose a different study on the same topic (this one by Priscilla Shirer) and wow.

It is hands down the best Bible study I’ve ever done. The content is so convicting. And also so enlightening. I have learned new things and new ways to look at words I’ve been professing my entire life. And there is something about the way the study is set up that just resonates with me. It has a great mixture of “look it up in your Bible” and “let me spell it out for you.”

If you are in need of a Bible study for the new year, I would highly recommend this one.

2 / The “Magic Question” is indeed magical.

If you’re not a die-hard Kendra Adachi / The Lazy Genius fan, you might not know about the Magic Question. Here it is: “What can I do now to make dinner easier tonight?”

Sometimes the answer is, “I can decide what we are having for dinner.” Ten minutes ago, I answered the question by chopping up two bell peppers and a package of mushrooms. Sometimes I just set out all the room temperature ingredients.

It’s like a little gift I can give myself every day.

3 / Sleep makes life a lot more doable.

After six years of mostly not great sleep, things have taken a turn for the better. We can now pretty well count on the kids sleeping from 8:30pm to 6am. There are still at least two or three nights a week where one of them ends up in our room or someone wakes up at 5am. But even this is such a huge improvement over where we’ve been.

I must say that I am a better person for it.

The change happened in such a gradual way that it’s really just been over the last couple months that I’ve realized how life is easier than it used to be. I have more energy and some nights I can even stay awake to read my book or do something productive after the kids are in bed.

It’s quite fabulous, really. Hooray for no babies in the house.

4 / The Enneagram is fascinating.

After hearing little confusing bits about people’s numbers, I read The Road Back to You and was enlightened. I then listened to several podcasts and have spent a decent amount of time on the Enneagram Institute website. I’m just completely fascinated.

I am a five and when I read the description it fit me perfectly and pointed out all these little idiosyncrasies about my personality that I hadn’t even realized were not just the way everyone lived.

5 / I’m ready to go back to some things and slow down on others.

It’s been two years since I participated in the One Little Word workshop. In 2017, I chose a word, but documented my experience independently. In 2018, I didn’t choose a word.

And now I am so, so ready to join back in with a word and with the guided prompts.

I’m starting to wonder if I should take a similar break from weekly scrapbooking I’ve been at it for seven years. I thoroughly enjoyed it until about a year and a half ago. I’ve been plugging along just because, but I’m finally ready to admit that something needs to change. ..time to start brainstorming a new plan.

/ / /

It’s been a good season and I’m ready to see what new lessons will find me in the winter.

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