one little word 2019: everyday

one little word 2019: everyday

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More good in the everyday. That’s my plan for the new year.

It’s not a new idea. Nor is it particularly complex. But I think it has the potential to be life changing. And yes, I made some hints at it in this post.

The everyday, the commonplace, the routine, the ordinary: Sorting another load of laundry, driving around town to take kids to school or activities or to run errands, walking circles around my kitchen and living room to get that last 1,000 steps before bed, taking kids to the zoo and library, reading on the couch. These are my everyday. These are the things that not only take up 99% of my days, but also the things that make up my life.

I’m not setting out to make every day good. I just want there to be more good in my everyday, ordinary life. I want to appreciate where I am.

There will be a dose of practicality - efficiency and optimizing and pairing the enjoyable with the not-so-fun. (Read: listening to a podcast or my favorite music whilst doing the dishes.)

But my bigger goal is a mindset shift.

I want to find and see the magic in the ordinary. I want to allow myself to fully settle in to where I am - to give the commonplace the respect and the awe that it deserves and to recognize that Jesus is with me in my everyday moments.

My 2019 word is EVERYDAY.

I am ready to dive into this word and explore what it means in my life. It has been calling to me for the past couple months and I am curious to see where the year will take me.

I’m also very excited to hop back into the One Little Word online workshop. And - for the first time - I’m planning to use the official OLW album and some of Ali Edwards design elements. In the past, I have always used a DIY method of recording my journey with my words, but going with the prepackaged feels right this time around. To top it off, a bound notebook with additional prompts and room for recording thoughts will also be in my shopping cart.

I’m all in and it’s a good place to be.

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Related books that I have read or plan to read:

The Ministry of Ordinary Places: Waking Up to God’s Goodness Around You by Shannan Martin

Simply Tuesday: Small-Moment Living in a Fast-Moving World by Emily P. Freeman

Every Little Thing: Making a World of Difference Right Where You Are by Deidra Riggs

Liturgy of the Ordinary: Sacred Practices in Everyday Life by Tish Harrison Warren

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If you haven’t tried choosing a word, phrase or theme to guide your year, I very highly recommend it. …and I will have more to say on this topic in my December newsletter (coming mid-month). I would love to send it to you, if you are interested in learning more and digging a bit deeper on this topic.

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