Jul 28, 2018


My rainbow project is complete!

This was such a fitting project for me.

I am an idea person.  This project allowed me to dream up 100 different ideas about rainbows and I find that invigorating and life giving.

Despite all the ideas, follow through is not always my strong suit - particularly on large scale projects.  But this project was made up of 100 "little" ideas.  Almost all of the projects were completed in less than an hour and that's the kind of follow through I can do well.

I very much like to work on things in small increments and this project was perfect for that.  I find repetitive work relaxing and I feel great pleasure in seeing my ideas come into reality.  To a large extent, art is my outlet for quiet.  While my hands are busy, I can slow down and think. 

I love that the built in 100 days means that I make time for art and beauty on a regular basis.

Even my Instagram feed gave me great joy during the project - I love the mix of art and life.  That's the epitome of good, if you ask me.

And, I loved that this project helped me connect with so many people.  I can't even tell you how many people sent me photos of rainbows or told me about how many rainbows they noticed in their daily life, as they were brought to the forefront of their attention through my project.

Perhaps the most fun bit of all was throwing a "Rainbow Party" in the last week of the project.  Several friends came and joined me for time together, crafting, a group art project, rainbow cake and wine.  I felt so loved as my friends embraced my offbeat idea and came to join in the fun.

By the end of the project, I was ready for a break - from ideas and from turning them into real life photograph-able things.  But I've already been thinking up ideas for next year and I'd say that's the sign of a successful project.

...and I've already posted photos 101 and 102 of 100.  I'm pretty sure this won't be the last of my rainbows.  

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  1. I loved watching your project! Have you listened to the reflection podcast Elise Cripe did about her #100dayproject? She mentioned that winter may be a better time for her and that got my wheels turning. Might be just the thing I need to get through those cold months!