Jun 5, 2018


1 / Buy the boys new bikes.  

This was a fail...and needs to get done.  The main reason it didn't happen was because our fridge broke (first the defrosting element quit and then the water dispenser quit dispensing) and cost a pretty penny to fix.  I was determined to pay for it out of our monthly budget - rather than dip into savings.  So, the bikes will be added to the June to do list.

2 / Celebrate Maggie. 

Yes!  She turned two and we celebrated.

3 / Start and finish a "Week in the Life" project.

I took a ton of photos, I wrote a lot of words.  I shared Monday through Saturday here, but was totally burned our on the process by Sunday.  I started putting everything together in an album (digitally with the Project Life app) by the middle of the next week.  Again, I got all but Sunday done in a few hour-long sessions.  And then I procrastinated....and here we are.  Not done, but so close. 

4 / Finish the quilt I am sewing and mail it.
Done!  The quilt was for my mom and was a gift for Mother's Day. 

5 / Finish 40 Days of Prayer - and then keep going.

I'm still going strong on this and loving it.

6 / Finish six books.  

I did indeed finish six books in May and have two more in progress as I type this.  My goal is to read 52 by the end of the year and I have currently finished 30.

7 / Another month of my rainbow project.

Accomplished and still going fairly strong.  I feel like I have lost a little bit of steam these past few weeks.  I think that will pick  up again this month as I start planning a rainbow party to be held in early July and get to work on a rainbow quilt - two things I'm really excited about. 

And that was May, my friends.  

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