Jun 30, 2018


June has been good to me.  Here are the goals I set out for this month and my progress, thus far.  

1 / Buy bikes for the boys.

Done!  And we even managed to find one bike / helmet set new, but secondhand.  $60 for a bike and helmet?  Sold!

2 / Another month of my 100 Day Project

Woohoo!  Getting so close to a break from daily rainbows.  It's been good, but I'm ready to be done.  ...and my sister had the genius idea of trading projects for a week, when we do this next year.  This makes me already look forward to next year's project - whatever that may be.  

3 / Take our first camping trip and put more trips on the summer calendar.

We've been twice and have a campsite reserved for a third trip.  Becoming "campers" is my favorite thing we've done this year.  I think we're hooked.  

4 / Finish pages for the kids' scrapbooks for the second semester of the school year. 

Nope.  I need to find some motivation to get all of my scrapbooking / memory keeping projects up and going again.  I've taken an unplanned hiatus and just haven't been excited about working on any of these projects, lately.  ...maybe after the 100 day project is done?

5 / Finish the 40 Days of Prayer sermon series. 

I finished listening to two more sermons and am currently midway through the final one of the series.  When I started this sermon series, I was watching them on YouTube.  This month, I switched to listening through my podcast app and I'm really enjoying that route - as it allows me to more easily listen as I drive or exercise, etc.  
6 / Register for my 20 Year Class Reunion school tour and dinner.  

Yep! ...just a few weeks away!

Another month in the books.  


  1. Great month! Camping is something we've like to try with our kids too. I'm intimidated with amount of "work" but I'm sure that's only stressful the first few trips.

  2. it IS a lot of prep work, but i feel like even the second trip was significantly easier than the first - so i'm hopeful that it will just keep getting easier. :) the other struggle is fitting everything (and everyone) in the van. :)