Jun 26, 2018


Over the past few weeks, I've felt this word calling to me.  God keeps putting it in front of me and I keep pondering its meaning and how I can bring it more fully into my life.  I have this strong sense that I am meant to study it and to live it.  
I thought, "maybe this will be my One Little Word for 2019."  And then I realized how silly it would be to wait for six months just because that's when the calendar changes.  

I've felt a pretty strong pull to some of my previous words, but I've also usually gone into those years with a decent sense of what the word meant and what it meant to me.  Humility is different.  My understanding of its meaning is tenuous.  I'm really not sure how I will live it out.  Nonetheless, I am excited for a new focus - and one that feels important in the long game.

More to come...   

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