Jun 21, 2018


There are so many things going on around here - and yet, the days feel properly slow and summery.  This combination is perfect, in my book.

We are gearing up for our second camping trip.  I am amazed at how much less stressful the packing seems this time around.  I still need to make a "master camping packing list," but even without that, I feel confident that we will be set.  It helps that we left a few things (air mattresses and campstove) stored in the under seat storage of the van since our last trip.  We also kept our camping storage / travel tote about half packed, so I had a lot fewer things to round up than I did a few weeks ago.  And, just having the previous trip in my minds' eye is really helping me to gauge what we need to bring and what we can leave behind. 

Brian spent most of last week in DC and we survived without him.  I wasn't really looking forward to his time away, but it ended up being a good week.

I have been working fairly diligently on my "rainbow quilt," but am starting to wonder if I will get it done by the end of the 100 day challenge.  I'm hopeful, but not going to be hugely upset if it doesn't happen.  I have most of my pieces pressed, but we have a busy weekend planned, so I don't foresee putting my quilt top together until sometime next week.  

The boys are signed up for swimming lessons this week and next.  So far, we've been rained out two of the four days this week.  There is plenty of rain in the ten day forecast, too.  Boo. ...although Eli has been happy because he REALLY doesn't want to put his head under the water.  

Brian and I celebrated eight years of marriage, this week.  He bought me flowers that were yellow and white - the same colors that were in my wedding bouquet.  We looked through our wedding photo album on the morning of our anniversary and watched the video with the kids in the evening.  They were more interested in it than I expected, but were ready to be done watching long before it was done.  And, we get to celebrate with a kid-free afternoon on Sunday.  

I get to meet my Bible Study friends for half-price margaritas after dinner, this evening.  We don't have regular meetings in the summer, so I've been missing them.  I'm much looking forward to catching up with what's been happening with everyone.  

That's (some of) what's happening around here.  Cheers to you and wishing you a good weekend!

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