May 3, 2018


I've decided to join in with Ali Edwards and so much of the memory keeping crowd to document what our family life looks like over the course of a week - and it's happening next week.


I gave serious consideration to doing this project last year, but never pulled the trigger and oh how I wish I would have.

As we were living out that season - with all three kids still at home with me most of the time - I recognized that it was the end of a life stage for our family.  I knew that having a tangible memento (in the form of a photo book) and writing down the words in real time would be greatly valued by my future self.

I never managed to take the time to do it and that's okay.  But I don't want to miss this year.

Although I am really good about making weekly layouts for our family album, the details are often missing and I only manage to tell a story or two from each week.  Again, that's okay (and obviously it would be crazy to document in detail all the time).  But I want to take this time to capture more of the minutiae and to document more of our daily stories and routines. 


Ali strongly suggests focusing on the images and the words at the end of each day and waiting to get it into an album until the week is over.  Although this goes against my natural instinct (to just jump right in with the album), it is a big project and breaking it into two separate components makes complete sense.  I'm going to stick with Ali's plan.

I have decided to use this blog as a place to capture the first phase of this project.  I will be sharing words and photos daily starting on Monday.  Sharing in this way will be a form of accountability and also will force me to choose the photos I will use for each day instead of letting that decision linger into the next week.  [Edit on 5/26/2018: I wrote and shared these posts during the week I was documenting, but have now reverted them back to drafts.]

I am planning to use the Project Life App (now free!) and my current stash of digital scrapbooking supplies to make my album.

If you are interested in what my life looks like - well, lucky you because a lot of details will be hitting the blog over the next week.  If you're not so interested - again - feel free to just skip next week's posts and I'll hope to see you back here in the coming weeks. 


Since I'm waiting to make an album until later, what you see right here is the extent of my prep work.  So.... it's not too late for you to join in on the fun!

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