May 9, 2018


I woke up right around 5.  I stayed in bed and read the first story from my new book (I'll Think It, You Say It) and then got up to get 1,000 steps and pray.  The kids were still in bed, so I crawled back into bed, as Brian was getting up to get in the shower.  I listened to some more of the 40 Days of Prayer sermon that I started yesterday - until Sam came into our room at about 5:45.  

We snuggled and talked for a few minutes.  

Sam is really interested in what times are appropriate for going to bed and waking up and talks about that a lot.  (For example, he is confounded by our nieces that sleep until 9 or 10am and also amazed that anyone could stay awake past 10pm.)  So, Brian told him a story about a time, when Sam was about two and a half, when Sam fell asleep on a car ride home in the mid-afternoon and then wouldn't wake up for dinner.  All was well until he woke up at 2:30 in the morning and wouldn't go back to sleep.  He and Brian played all morning and then Brian tried to take him to the zoo (the whole reason they had come home early the day before) and he fell asleep at 10am on the way to the zoo.  Sam seemed to think this story was great / funny.  

Mags was up next.  Brian brought her into our room to snuggle, too.  We read a couple books.  She really likes to talk about who is awake and who isn't.  So we talked a lot about that.  She calls Eli "Yijah" and will say "Yijah seeping" on repeat every few minutes until he wakes up.  


I've been meaning to recreate this photo of Sam with the stuffed animals he's had since he was a baby for several months.  Brian and I made plans this morning to move Maggie to a bed this coming weekend.  So, the time crunch felt real and I got the photo done.  Sam thought it was fun and it was also a good and easy way to convince him to get dressed for school - which is not always an easy task.  

Then he noticed the sprinklers were running in the front yard and he and Maggie went out for some fun.  So, the clothes got wet.  But, I just threw them in the dryer and he was happy to put them back on later because they were nice and warm.  

It didn't take Maggie long to be upset about being wet and cold from the sprinklers.  But she settled down quickly with the promise of a bath.  She and Eli bathed while Sam played on my phone for a while.  

We took Sam to school, returned a few books to the library and then headed to Maggie's two-year well check appointment.  Our doctor, Miss Kathy, retired at the end of March.  She was pretty great and will be missed, but they transferred us to Miss Kelly and we like her, too.  The only concern at Maggie's appointment is her skin.  She has eczema that has really been flaring up a lot lately.  Other than that, all is good.  She is healthy and at the top (or above the top) of the growth charts - just like she's been since she was born.  

We survived a pretty big grocery shopping trip before heading home.  I bribed the kids with the promise of Lunchables and an extended visit to the Nerf Gun toy aisle.  We needed quite a few groceries and the boys needed some new summer clothes.  The photo above is of the seafood section.  Maggie and Eli both like to look at the fish - particularly the ones that still have their skin / eyeballs. 

I made Maggie's birthday cake (which will be my rainbow for tomorrow) and also made the collage I posted today while it was baking. 

Eli was in a particularly ornery mood all day today.  Some of it was fun, but a lot of it was just really frustrating.  The photo above was from one mess he made today - dropping the bowl of frosting on the floor. 

He always has an ornery streak, but lately he's been back to testing the limits all the time.  He has also been pining hard for a new Nerf gun.  So, I think we are going to start a new tracking system in the morning.  We will call it a good day if he can have three or fewer purposefully naughty incidents.  Seven good days will earn him a new toy. 

I don't really know what to expect with this.  I am confident it would work with Sam, but I'm not sure how Eli will respond.  I do know that he REALLY wants a new toy gun, so I'm hopeful.

Maggie again fell asleep when we went to pick up Sam from school.  Eli and I read Charlotte's Web while we waited for school to get out.  Jenna stayed in the car with Maggie while Eli and I walked up to the school to get Sam.  We took Jenna home and then came home and spent most of the next couple hours at our neighbor Janet's house - just talking and playing in her driveway.  

I ran home a couple times to check on Maggie (still sleeping) and to start dinner.

As we were eating, my sister-in-law texted to say they were on their way over to visit and bring Maggie her birthday gift.  We had fun playing with them and Maggie loved her gifts - new jammies and a tea set.  

Brian had an Academic Awards event after school, so wasn't home at his usual time.  He arrived home just as Michelle and her family were leaving (a bit before 7pm).  We all chatted for a few minutes and then spent the next hour playing and cleaning up the house.

Right at 8pm, Sam said he had a headache.  He has a pretty solid track record of throwing up within hours of having a headache.  So, he went to bed on the bottom bunk - even though it was his night for the top bunk - with a bowl beside his bed.

As soon as the kids were in bed, Brian hung up streamers and our "Happy Birthday" banner and I wrapped Maggie's gifts.  Tomorrow should be a fun day - assuming that Sam is healthy.  

And that, minus a million details, was our Wednesday.  It was a good one.  

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