May 8, 2018


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Brian and I got up at 5am and the kids didn't wake up until just before 6.  Brian showered and graded Economics tests.  Today was the last day of school for his seniors, so he needed to get their tests from yesterday graded quickly.  I walked my 1,000 steps around the kitchen and living room and then listened to part of a sermon from the 40 Days of Prayer series.  

All three kids woke up at the same time.  We did what we do most morning - snuggled on the couch and read some books.  There was a bit of a squabble as everyone was vying for their book to be the first one read, but we persevered. 

Books of choice for this morning were The Book With No Pictures (Sam), Big Red Barn (Maggie), and The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe Storybook (Eli).  

Brian left for school at 7:15am.  The kids played - running in and out of the house - and I picked up the house in anticipation of our morning play date. 

We arrived at Sam's school at 8:45.  He doesn't like to get out of the van until at least one of his classmates is already in line.  This morning, Kennedi was already there, so he was good to go.  He gave us each a kiss and was out the door without looking back.  

Also, half of the van's backseat is currently folded down and holds our in-the-process-of-being-built trampoline parts.  We started putting it together a couple weeks ago, but the box was missing a part that we needed to put up the net.  We are still waiting for it to arrive.  

We played in the front yard for just a couple minutes (attempting to stab a roly poly with a sword) and then Leslie and Sara and their kids arrived for a morning play date.  The kids played really well together and everyone was happy until the last fifteen minutes or so - when it was suddenly clear that the kids (or mine, anyway) were ready for some space and some food.  

Since the kids were so content, we had a lot of time to just talk and it made for a really nice morning.  

After our friends left, Maggie and Eli watched the Trolls Movie in the basement and I hung out upstairs.  I made and photographed my rainbow, emptied the dishwasher and edited photos for the first half of today's post.  I snuggled with them on the couch for a bit and wrote part of this post.

We played indoors and out, Face Timed with Nana (my mom) and packed up waters and snacks to go get Sam from school. 

Maggie fell asleep on the five minute drive to Sam's school.

There was more bug drama after school.  They shut themselves in my room (after a lot of screaming) to stay away from a fly that was in the living room.  Sam did flash cards and played Cut the Rope on his "iPad" (really a Kindle, but we call it an iPad) and Maggie, Eli and I played in the front yard until Brian got home from work at 5:15. 

Brian grilled chicken and romaine lettuce.  I made some quinoa and reheated some broccoli leftover from last night.  The kids supplemented with a lot of fruit and some tortillas. 

After dinner, we all played in the backyard.  Then Sam and I did flash cards and made each other worksheets while Brian went "hunting" and played with Eli and Maggie in the basement. 

We don't typically have snacks before bed, but we did tonight.  Eli and Maggie each had a fried egg and Sam had a jelly sandwich.  Then it was time for jammies and off to bed. 

Maggie likes to snuggle for just a couple minutes while saying her prayers in the armchair in her room.  Then I put her in her bed and she falls asleep on her own.  It's a pretty quick process.

The boys switch bunks every night.  Brian says prayers with whoever is on the top bunk and I sit on the floor and say prayers with the bottom bunker.  Tonight, Sam was on the bottom with me.  They like us to stay in the room with them until they fall asleep.  Some nights this is very quick - just a minute or two - and other nights it takes a really long time.  They were both out in about five minutes tonight.  

Right now, Brian and I are sitting in the living room.  More papers to grade for him.  Writing about our day for me.  I'm almost finished with my book  - The Calculus of Change - and will likely finish it before going to sleep tonight.  It's not my typical reading fare (YA and kind of chick-lit-ish), but it's got me hooked and I'm anxious to see how it resolves.  

And that, minus about a million details, was our Tuesday.  It was a good one.

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