May 10, 2018


Eli crawled in bed with us sometime in the middle of the night.  I forgot to set my "wake up before the kids" alarm, so Sam was my alarm when he climbed in at 5:30.  He was not happy that Eli was taking up the space he wanted and it was indeed quite crowded with four of us in a queen sized bed.  So we all were up and at 'em pretty quickly. 

Everyone was in happy mode because it's Maggie's birthday and they knew it was going to be a fun day.  The boys ate powder sugar donuts while Brian showered. 

Sam climbed up on the kitchen counter to pull down the gift he had made Maggie (a drawing of a dog that he wrapped and "put up high" over the weekend to keep safe) and then he woke her up because he was so excited for her to open gifts. 

She opened some clothes, a set of Daniel Tiger family figurines, a Puppy Dog Pals treehouse / dollhouse thing and some toy cupcakes from us.  She also opened toy dishes from Nana and Grandpa Mac. 

A refrigerator repair man came to fix our fridge.  This was his second trip out.  He fixed the initial problem (something with the defroster), but between his first and second visit our water dispenser quit dispensing water.  So he also diagnosed the issue there and ordered a part to fix it.  So, he will be back again in a few days. 

After we took Sam to school, we came home for just a bit.  We finished preparing packages and cards to ship to grandmas for Mothers Day and loaded up on some filling snacks - avocado toast for me and leftover pizza for Eli and Maggie. 

We made a pit stop to mail the Mothers Day packages and then headed for the zoo.  Our zoo is currently in the process of building a major addition.  So parking is a little funny and getting to the entrance requires walking by all the construction.  The kids complain about the walk, but they like to peek in at the construction work and speculate about what it will be like next year. 

We had a nice time at the zoo.  We followed our usual path (opposite of what most people seem to do), but cut out a few things at the end so we could have time for a train ride before we were all starving.  I had packed lunches earlier, so we ate in the van while we drove home.  This little trick of eating on the way home is great just now because it gives us a reason to leave / not linger too long at the zoo and it also helps us avoid eating by those pesky peacocks.  We are all freaked out by the peacocks.  Except Brian.  If he is with us, we sometimes eat at the zoo and know that he will shoo them away if necessary. 

We came home and played outside - first in the backyard and then in the front.  Then Maggie requested a stroller ride, so we took a quick walk around the neighborhood.  Both kids were just thick with sand in their hair, so we took a quick "color bath" (aka bath with food coloring), played just a bit more and then it was time to get Sam and Jenna.

I walked up to get Sam while E and Maggie stayed in the van with Jenna.  Sam gave Mrs. Wendelin five and held my hand as we walked back to the van.  We arrived back to find Eli with a bloody nose and Jenna holding his tissue.  Thankfully, it seemed to resolve by the time we dropped off Jenna at her house. 

The kids played pretty happily with Maggie's new toys for the next hour.  Brian came home and we played a bit more and Face Timed with Grandpa Birger and Grammie before heading to McDonald's for Maggie's favorite - chicken nuggets and fries.  After eating, the kids played happily and Brian managed to sneak in a bit of GOP work that he needed to get done.  Then we came home, had another quick Face Time conversation - this time with Aunt Pril and Uncle Doug and then enjoyed cake and the kids were ready for bed. 

I'm not sure about Sam, but I feel like Eli and Maggie should be just plain exhausted.  It was a really busy day compared to our usual.  After getting this posted, I think I'm just going to head to bed to read and sleep.  I'm rather exhausted myself. 

And that, minus about a million details, was my Thursday.  It was a good one. 

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