May 14, 2018



I didn't set an alarm for this morning (kind of on purpose and kind of not) and Sam didn't come into our room until 6:20!  I think it's been at least a few weeks since I slept that late and it was so nice.  The other two were up pretty quickly after that and we were able to enjoy a nice, slow Saturday morning.

We ate breakfast and just chilled in the toy room (Maggie) and living room (the rest of us) ...although she ventured out to have me read her a few books.  At 9am, I took a picture of our chosen reading material for the morning.  We covered a lot this morning!  All this, plus I read several pages from the book on my Kindle App on my phone.

Brian got the kids started on another roll of a Troll maze game on his computer and then he went off to shower and dress.  I also got ready and finished getting the kids dressed.  We all loaded up for a family trip to Aldi.  Both boys were in protest of the fact that we all had to go.  Eli wanted me to go so he could stay home and "build forts with daddy."  Sam wanted Brian to go, so I could stay home and play with him / them.  But Brian and I both wanted to go, so that's what we did.  

The kids all did quite well at the store.  We still make Maggie ride in the front of the cart and Eli is about half in, half out.  Sam carries the list and is super happy to be a helper - grabbing things we need and crossing things off the list.  He wasn't so much today, but often he is a pretty big stickler about only getting what's on the list.  

The kids all chose Lunchables to eat tomorrow (I don't want to make lunch on Mother's Day).  Sam and Eli both chose the "nacho" kind.  They haven't tried them before and both mentioned them - excitedly - several times throughout the day.  I hope they like them as much as they think they will!   

We unloaded and put away groceries while the kids begged for snacks and I tried to hold them off to wait for lunch.

Then I ran to a pop-up shop of a local hand-letterer.  I have and love a few of her pieces and she was selling everything at a really good price today.  I bought three prints - one for myself and two for gifts.  I also bought three things for my sister-in-law who was planning to go with me, but ended up being out of town.  I ran into an acquaintance while I was there - and had the pleasant "Lincoln is really just a big, small town" feeling.

When I returned home, the kids were jumping on the trampoline with Brian.  But Eli was more than ready to come in and help me make his favorite food - broccoli cheese noodle soup.  He always loves to help in the kitchen, but his enthusiasm is even greater when it's something he likes to eat (which isn't much).

We ate lunch and then spent the early afternoon just hanging out.  The kids played on their "iPads," we read them a few books, Maggie took a short nap, Brian did some school work and I read my Dwell magazine and my book.

After Maggie woke up, we decided it was a good time to take down her crib. As always happens with big things like this, the actual taking down and moving up of the new mattress took all of twenty minutes but somehow in those twenty minutes we were on to a new stage of life.  No more babes.  And I was left with this weird emotional ache in my chest that is a combination of all the good that has been in the last six plus years, all the good ahead and somehow missing these little people even though they are still right here in front of me. 

Brian left around 4pm to meet a group of his college friends in Omaha.  We just lounged around the house and although I wasn't feeling very energetic, I made an effort to get some housework done, so I could sew once the kids were in bed.  And that's just what I did.  I started quilting a piece of Lotta Jansdotter fabric that has been in my stash for a few years with plans to make it into a zippered pouch.  And I listened to my audio book while I sewed.  It was pretty great.  I went to bed around 10pm, but didn't sleep well until 1am - when Brian got home. 

And that, minus about a million details, was our Saturday. 

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