May 7, 2018


My week started with a 2:15am cry from Maggie.  She woke up and needed her binkie and a snuggle.  She quickly fell asleep, but I held her for about 15 minutes - enjoying her warm baby snuggles.  Once she was back in her crib, I crawled back into bed for a couple more hours of sleep.  

Sam is almost always our earliest riser.  A few months ago, we convinced him to stay in his room until 5:30am and that has been a great blessing.  Most days, he pops out right at 5:31, but this morning he slept until just after 6... likely because he made a deal with me last night.  If he stayed in his bed until after 6, he would get TWO pieces of candy.  (Both boys get one piece of candy in the morning on the nights they don't come into our room.) 

Sam and Brian ate breakfast while I got started on my rainbow for the day and Maggie played with Paw Patrol figurines in the "toy office." (The kids gave the toy room this name because it used to be an office.)

While Maggie ate breakfast, Sam made me a worksheet.  This is one of his favorite things and biggest pastimes of the moment.  The worksheets are usually heavy on math equations, story problems and true and false questions. 

Eli woke up just in time to say, "hi"and "bye"to Brian as he was headed out the door for work.

We took Sam to school at 8:40 and then came home and mostly played outdoors for a couple hours.

All of the kids are really into watering our tree and flowers, so we spent some time doing that.  We also played on the trampoline and the swing set and spent twenty minutes, or so, reading Charlotte's Web while sitting on the trampoline.  

Our next door neighbors, Sophia and Hudson, joined us for about 45 minutes.  While the kids were all happily playing, I tried to sneak in a few minutes of chores and managed to get a bit of housework done.  

I failed to give the kids a "real" lunch and instead we just had several snacks - including this strawberry and blackberry feast.  (Also, I love that I caught Mabel in this photo - out on the deck waiting anxiously for her own snack.)

We spent most of the early afternoon playing indoors.  We read a few books and Eli and I took some imaginary airplane trips to Hawaii, then parachuted out of the plane doing tandem jumps together with his stuffed rat, Sweetcakes.  Meanwhile, Maggie fed us a lot of pretend food. 

Maggies attempt at napping was a failure.  I was crossing my fingers that she wouldn't fall asleep during school pick up time and it worked.  We picked up both Sam and Jenna (my niece) at Sam's school.  We usually just drop Jenna off at her house and head home, but my sister-in-law and other niece were home when we got there, so we went in for an impromptu visit. 

Brian and the kids jumped on the trampoline while I got dinner together.  After dinner, we just hung around the house.  Maggie needed her nails trimmed.  Sam quizzed Brian on a giant stack of math flash cards, did his homework, freaked out about a fly in the house and made me another worksheet.  Eli played with his toy guns and I tried not to laugh when Brian asked him why he didn't pick up a mess he made and he said, "It just didn't work out."  

Maggie was in bed by 7 and the boys were asleep by about 8:15.  Brian headed to church for his Bible Study and I took a shower and would have likely been in bed already, if I weren't writing this post.  

And that, minus about a million details, was our Monday.  It was a good one.  

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