May 1, 2018


Happy May Day, friends!  Our "baskets" are made and ready to drop off for neighbor friends this afternoon and I have some excited kids.

As for the rest of May, here are my goals:

1 / Buy the boys new bikes.

2 / Celebrate Maggie. 

She turns two this month and I've been a little slow in getting gifts and such figured out for her birthday.

3 / Start and finish a "Week in the Life" project.

The plan is to do a fairly in-depth scrapbook that covers what a typical week looks like in our family's life.  (If you are unfamiliar with this project, you can read more here.)  This is a really big and very time-intensive project and I'm feeling somewhat intimidated about it.

But I REALLY want to do it, so that's my plan.

4 / Finish the quilt I am sewing and mail it.

This is a gift and a surprise and the deadline is looming.

5 / Finish 40 Days of Prayer - and then keep going.

I started this with my small group from church and it is fabulous.  We are listening to the sermon series on our own time (available for free here, if you are interested) and then discussing at our bi-weekly meetups.  The main goals are to learn more about prayer and then to get into a real and regular habit of praying.  I am currently on day 23, so I will finish up my 40 days this month and then plan to just keep on praying.  Good, good stuff from my good, good God.

6 / Finish six books.  

I am currently a bit ahead of schedule for meeting my 52 book goal by the end of the year.  BUT, I haven't had a book that really sucked me in and kept me reading for two or three weeks - which means the current reading pace is really slow.  I have two in progress right now.  By the end of May, I would like to have finished those two plus four more.

7 / Another month of my rainbow project.

It's kind of amazing to me that this is number seven on my goal list.  I just added it after re-reading my April goals and realizing that completing another month is - of course - something I plan to accomplish this month.  I love how naturally this project is fitting in with my life, this year.  It feels more like a "thing I do" than something to cross off my to do list.  Win. 

Whew!  That's quite a list, but I think I can do it. 

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