May 12, 2018


A thunderstorm woke me up around 4:15.  I got up to close our window and the boys' window.  I went back to bed, but never fell solidly back to sleep.  I got out of bed at 5, but the living room floor was covered in toys and I didn't feel like moving them all to be able to walk my circles.  So I stationed myself in the little hallway between our bedroom and the kitchen.  I put in one earbud and finally finished listening to the sermon I started earlier this week.  Then, I started tackling the two loads of laundry that needed folded and - right about then - Sam came running from his room to snuggle.  

We implemented a sort of "four strikes and you're out" system with Eli and this cake disaster was strike one for today.  He didn't actually eat any of it - just climbed up on the table and made a big ol' mess.  This happened right before we took Sam to school and I was frustrated, but he did a good job of quickly cleaning his hands and getting in the van, at least.

We took Sam to school and then came home for a quick and busy half hour - snack, diaper change, getting Maggie dressed for the day and photographing the rainbow I painted after breakfast.  And then we were off for our weekly play date with our neighbors.  They only live two doors down, so it was a quick walk.  We usually get together on Wednesdays (alternating hosting), but due to Maggie's doctor appointment, we rescheduled for today.  Maggie had a great time.  Eli was kind of half happy and half not.  It has been interesting to have weekly play dates with these friends - to see how the kids' moods and energy levels really vary from week to week.  I had a nice time talking to Rachel and we all came home glad for our morning time with friends.

Another neighbor said "hi" as we were walking home and she and her little girl ended up coming in to hang with us at our house for half an hour - so we got a bonus play date for the day.

My stomach felt a bit off after I ate lunch, so we spent the rest of the afternoon in the basement with the TV on.  We watched Trolls and a couple episodes of Sid the Science Kid and then it was time to get Sam.

Maggie fell asleep just as Sam was getting in the van.  I carried her to bed for (yet another) late nap.  Sam hopped out of the car and headed straight for the front porch.  We had snacks out there and played with figurines for a while.  Until.... a BUG!  And the boys both screamed and ran inside and there was all the drama.  Oh boy.

Nana and Grandpa Mac tried again to Face Time with us to tell Maggie happy birthday (after scheduling conflicts yesterday), but she was still sleeping.

Brian is usually home around 5, but on Friday's it is is often more like 4 or 4:30.  I was waiting expectantly and hoping he would grill us hot dogs for dinner.  I started to get worried when he wasn't home by 5:15.  I called him and was reminded that he had to stay late at school to help with a blood drive.  Oops.  It was on my calendar and we talked about it this morning, but I totally forgot by midafternoon.

So I searched the fridge and cupboards trying to figure out what I could make quickly and easily.  Sam had a grilled cheese and a jelly sandwich.  Eli and I both had fried eggs and toast.  Maggie had an egg and some cheese.  And we all had berries. 

Brian was home by about 6:30pm.  He took the little two outside to the trampoline for a bit, while Sam and I made each other worksheets and completed those.  Brian ate his own dinner (a sandwich) and then he and the kids played a Trolls game on his computer.  Playing a game on the computer is something new for the kids.  Brian and Sam take turns controlling the game and Eli and Maggie cheer them on. 

They boys and I did a 5 minute pick up of the house and they each completed their list of chores for the day, so they each got a quarter for their spending jars.  Eli managed to finish the day with only three strikes, so he earned his first "star" and has only six more to good days to go to earn a new Nerf gun. 

And then everyone was ready for bed.  It took about twenty minutes to get the boys to sleep and then Brian and I went downstairs to watch a few episodes of The Office.  We have been re-watching them consecutively since the end of last summer and finished season five.  Pam and Jim learned they were pregnant and we had fun talking about and remembering the days we learned when we were pregnant and feeling a bit sad that those days are over. 

And that, minus about a million details, was our Friday.  It was a good one. 

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