Apr 3, 2018


It's April!  Woohoo!  It's my birthday month and my sister (who shares my birthday with me) is named April.  So, it always feels like a special month.  I think it's going to be a good one.  First up a look at my March goals and how they turned out.  Then, I will share the goals I am setting for this month.  

March goals: 

1 / Order fishing licenses.  

Done and we could even just print out the paperwork on our home printer / save the PDFs to our phones.  I was expecting some tedium with this process and was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was.  

2 / Figure out clothing and have the kids' portraits taken.

Between items already in the kids' closets and a trip to Target, I got this figured out.  But Maggie had a 103 fever on the day we were supposed to get photos taken, so we had to reschedule for April.  

And, since I have a bit more time, I'm going to keep my eyes open for a different shirt for Eli.  I have something that will work, but don't love it.

3 / Prepare for and enjoy a trip to Illinois.

Done!  The travel days (seven hours of drive time each way) were not super fun, but we made it through with no major issues and really they weren't so bad.   We greatly enjoyed our time with my mom, step-dad and sister.

4 / Sew a tank top.  

Nope.  I've made exactly zero progress on this project.  

5 / Create a 20 book "to read" list.

Yes!  You can check it out here.  

6 / Clean out the flower beds.

Done.  And green things are now visible, making me excited for spring and summer flowers.  

7 / A daily writing practice.  

Fail. I gave up on this pretty quickly.  

April goals:

1 / Try Stitch Fix.  Finally.  

2 / Schedule a doctor appointment for myself.  

3 / First month of The 100 Day Project for 2018.  

4 / Secret Sewing Project started and finished.

5 / Do a "Wake Up Before The Kids" 30 day challenge.

6 / Write 5 blog posts.  (Including this one).

This list is perhaps a bit ambitious as the 100 Day Project and the sewing project are going to require a lot of time.  But maybe those extra minutes of awake time before the kids are up in the morning will help.  Also, I am anticipating some warmer weather (please?) and know that I usually feel more energetic when that comes our way.  


  1. Love these goals! Can't wait to follow along with your 100 Day Project - you inspire me!