Apr 13, 2018


The weather is crazy.  It is currently 78 degrees.  Woohoo!  A snowstorm with possible blizzard-like conditions is in the forecast for tomorrow.  What!?!  So the hot and the cold combo means that we could be in for thunderstorms and tornadoes this evening and through the night.  I'm curious to see how it will all play out. 

The good news out of all that is the 78 degrees.  We've had four days in a row with highs in the sixties or above and it has been wonderful.  We have spent SO much time outside and it has been a much needed change of pace.  Just being outside is great, but even better are all the interactions with neighbors.  It's given me a little glimpse into what our summer might be like this year and I'm liking it.    

I work this weekend.  This means that I've been working ahead a bit on some rainbow ideas.  It also means that I've been trying to get all the things crossed off my to do list in five days, rather than seven - which, honestly, is probably good for me. 

Brian and the boys are doing a "color run" this evening.  Assuming the weather is not stormy at race time, that is.  The race was originally scheduled for tomorrow (and I was going to have to miss it altogether), but they changed the date and time due to the potential snowstorm.  Maggie and I won't be participating, but I'm thankful that we will be there on the sidelines.  I'm looking forward to taking photos and seeing the kids' reactions to the running and to being inundated with color.  

My 30 day "Wake Up Before the Kids" challenge is going really well.  The difference in my energy level, mood and productivity is noticeable.  I haven't missed a day of 10,000 steps since I started waking up early again.  For me, waking up early means getting my first 1,000 steps in before attending to other chores or the kids' needs.  I don't speed walk, so it usually takes me about 10 minutes to walk 1,000 steps and I use that time to read a book using the Kindle App, pray and / or think through the list of things I need to accomplish for the day.  This challenge is just what I needed.  

Off to pack snacks and get the kids loaded up for school pick up time.  Happy weekend to you!     

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