Apr 10, 2018


Here we are in April and that means the start of a new 100 day project.  Whee! 

One week in and I'm already having so much fun with this one.  I love that I have a subject, but not a medium.  I love that the subject is so focused on "happy" and color and God's promises to his people.  I love how much less-stressed I feel about the project this year as compared to last year. 

In short, it's going well and I'm enjoying myself. 

There are 92 days to go and my list of ideas is far, far shorter than 92.  But, one by one, my list continues to grow and I have confidence that I will be able to share something each day of the challenge. 

Instagram is the place to see all that's happening.  My unique hashtag for the project is #100daysofrainbowfun and you can find all of the projects under #the100dayproject. 

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