Mar 2, 2018


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As part of our monthly budget, Brian and I each get $80 to spend freely.  We call this money "fun money."  Some months, I am very intentional with my fun money and use it to purchase things with some sort of value, like items from my wishlist or to pay for meals out with friends.  Other months, I kind of just squander it away with $1 sodas from drive-throughs or other small and unplanned purchases that don't really add up to anything worthwhile.

In general, the fun for me is just in having some money that I don't feel guilty about spending.

Occasionally I will use my fun money to buy things that should technically be purchased from our regular budget (like clothes for me), but most of the time I spend this money on treats - items that definitely fall into the wants (vs. needs) category.  

In February, I realized that it would be interesting to keep track of how I spent my fun money over the course of a year.  So, I plan to share this every few months.


I spent the majority of my fun money on fabric for the top of the quilt I just finished.

I hadn't yet decided to keep track of this spending and don't remember how I spent my last $10.  


Sushi and drinks with girlfriends.  We went out the evening of the Super-Bowl and that was a perfect time as the restaurants were empty.  We went to a sushi restaurant first and then walked across the street to a sports bar / restaurant and each had a drink while not really watching the game.  

Batting for the quilt.

A lent devotional...or that's what I thought I was buying.  It ended up being just a Bible reading plan and was - ultimately - a poor purchasing decision.

A big canvas tote bag to take to the library.  The bag I've used for the last many years got ruined a month or two ago.  I've been improvising, but it's a big pain as I don't have another bag that is big enough to carry our usual stacks home.  So I bought a new big bag and love it.  

A dry body brush.  I bought this in an attempt to help my super-dry knees before summer / short weather arrives.  

That leaves $6 that I am going to carry over into March.  Hooray!

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