Mar 1, 2018


First, a look back at my February goals and progress:

1 / Buy myself jeans, a cardigan (or two) and a new chambray shirt.

Done.  These were the things that needed replaced and / or updated in my closet.  I think I should now be set - clothing wise - until summer weather makes its way to Nebraska.  

2 / Finish that quilt I started.

Whew!  It's done, but I just finished it yesterday.  This is one of those cases where setting a self-imposed deadline got me moving and I'm thankful for that.  I will share more once I get some photos taken.

3 / Host a "friends" birthday party for Sam.

Done and the kids seemed to enjoy it!  I'm glad to have that first time under our belt.  Also, I'm thankful we don't have to do this every weekend.  We pretty much just followed the advice in this blog post from The Lazy Genius and it worked.    

4 / Buy paint. 

Nope.  And I've now resolved to NOT buy paint until Maggie stops drawing on ALL the walls ALL the time.  The boys have both done this here and there, but Maggie is just out of control.  Every time she finds a writing utensil, she heads for a wall.  

So, the whole painting walls idea is on hold until this stops.  Because it would be silly to put in all the time and effort only to have it immediately destroyed.  Right?

5 / Finish the furnace room organization project.  

Done!  And it makes me so happy every time I need to go in there.

Side note: I call this room "furnace room" or "store room" interchangeably, but the kids don't have a name for it and are always like "where?!?" as if they haven't even noticed that it is a room in our house.  The other day, Eli finally asked, "Do you mean the room where we get cinnamon rolls?"  This room houses our deep freeze - and, often, a stash of cinnamon rolls.  So, perhaps, this will now be called the "cinnamon roll room" to prevent further confusion.  

_ _ _ _ _

Moving on to the March goals.  There are a lot of them, but I think they are manageable. 

1 / Order fishing licenses.  

My dad and step-mom gave the boys fishing poles for Christmas and also gifted Brian and I money to buy licenses, so we can take them.  I do not see us turning into avid fisher people, but I do think this will be a fun new thing to try this spring and summer.  

2 / Figure out clothing and have the kids' portraits taken.

I scheduled a photo shoot and now need to figure out what they will wear.  

3 / Prepare for and enjoy a trip to Illinois.

I am taking the kids to visit my mom and step-dad over Sam's spring break and Brian is staying home because his school does not have a spring break.  My sister will be visiting at the same time.  Woot!  I have no doubt, that fun will be had while we are there, but I'm a tad anxious about two long travel days alone with the kids.  The trip is 7 hours of driving time and I'm sure that will be extended by an hour or two with bathroom and food breaks, etc. so....yep.  

My big goals are really just to go into it with a good attitude and to feel well prepared with snacks and entertainment ...and a plan when they suddenly need to go to the restroom.

4 / Sew a tank top.  

I purchased fabric and a pattern.  I need to buy some coordinating thread and then just be brave and give this a go.  

5 / Create a 20 book "to read" list.

It's been a while since I've had a nice long lists of books I want to read.  Instead, I find myself searching shelves (real or digital) haphazardly and grabbing whatever catches my eye.  The results have been mixed - some good, some not - but the part I really dislike is all the time I feel like this method wastes.  

6 / Clean out the flower beds.

I like to leave the dead foliage on the ground through the winter to help protect new growth at the beginning of spring.  But our trash service starts charging to pick up yard waste on April first.  So, the plan is to get the beds cleaned up before that deadline.  

7 / A daily writing practice.  

Although I didn't choose a guiding word for the year, I've been loosely following along with Ali Edwards' One Little Word workshop.  The March prompt for the workshop is to choose a daily practice for the month of March.  

I am going to write.  I don't want to put a lot of pressure on myself as far as word count or topic.  I just want to get into the practice of writing on a regular basis and a month seems like a good initial goal.    

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