Feb 1, 2018



Okay friends, let's start with looking back at last month's goals.

1 / Assess the sewing situation.  

Done and then some!  Oh, this is such a good hobby and I'm excited to dive deeper into it this year.

As soon as I got my sewing machine out of it's box, I was all in.  I have already started on one quilt and also sewn the binding on another that had been hanging out in the almost-finished phase for a very long time.  Woot!  And then I went a little crazy (excited by this post by Elise Cripe) and bought a pattern and some fabric to make myself a tank top.  So, yep.  This goal was definitely met.

2 / Get my Etsy shops up and running again.  

Done.  I planned to reopen both shops, but reassessed and decided just to do the one for now.  If you're in the market for an easy, modern cross stitch project, a goals workbook or journaling prompts, I'm the lady for you.

Getting this done only took 15 minutes and I've already made a sale.  It's a win! 

3 / Solid start to my collage project.  

Yep.  I am happy to report that I'm off to a good start...

And that I think I'm already done.  (Womp womp.) 

I successfully posted a collage the first 28 or 29 days of the month and managed to get things organized in such a way that actually doing the art wasn't taking a crazy amount of time.

It was fun, but was taking more of my time and mental space than I wanted and I've felt a disproportionate amount of relief after taking a break for these past few days.  So... we'll see if I pick it up again or not. 

4 / Buy interior house paint.  

Eek.  Nope.  It was on my weekly to-do list for a few weeks, but I kept putting it off.  Then, I finally went and was totally overwhelmed with the options.  I left without any paint.  ...need to just do this! 

5 / Complete 15 days of Biblical devotions. 

Done!  And I had a few good break-throughs that have made my life happier / more peaceful in the past few weeks.  I'm always greatly rewarded when I make time for this.

- - - - -

And onto the goals for this month.

1 / Buy myself jeans, a cardigan (or two) and a new chambray shirt.

Well, this is a fun goal.  I feel like I've finally found a wardrobe groove that is easy, comfortable and that makes me feel good about my body.  And these are the things that need replaced / updated as soon as possible, in order to keep me thus clothed.

2 / Finish that quilt I started.

My biggest hurdle, at this point, is finding some concentrated time to put into the cutting.  I cut most of the fabric, but then changed my mind about one color and mis-measured something with one of the original colors.  So, ick.  This is the part about quilting that I don't like.  I am not a details person and this is all details.

But, happily, I know that if I just put in this time up front, I will enjoy the rest of the process of piecing the top and quilting! 

3 / Host a "friends" birthday party for Sam.

This will be a new endeavor for our family.  I am feeling anxious about it because we invited four of his classmates, but I don't know any of them / their families.  I feel like it is going to be a rather awkward social gathering if the parents decide to stay and I am also afraid that no one will show up and Sam will be upset. 

But (assuming someone shows up), I know that in the long run, this awkward social get together will be for the good.  I would love to get to know some of his classmates and their parents.

4 / Buy paint. 

Okay.  I'm adding this to the list again.  My game plan, this time around, is to do more research BEFORE going to the home improvement store and to bring Brian with me - as I know he won't let me leave empty handed.  He's also really good at asking for help - while I am not. 

5 / Finish the furnace room organization project.  

I got this allllllmost done in January, but need to put in another hour or so to just get 'er done. 

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  1. I was also so inspired by Elise's post! I haven't done any sewing in ages, and it's something I really want to pick back up on this year. I started an improv quilt for my daughter years ago and it's a perfect practice project.

    I get so anxious about hosting birthday parties. Hope it goes well!!