Dec 1, 2017


It's time to look back on November goals and set a few new ones for December.  

First up, an update on my 6 goals from last month: 

1 / Improve my exercise and eating. (Partial success.)

My goal was to improve upon my numbers from October.  Number of days I hit 10,000 steps and total number of steps for the month were both losses.  Not terrible numbers, but less than I did in October.  Amount of time exercising was also a fail.  I wasn't too far off, but I didn't quite make it.  I did succeed in improving the number of days I "ate well."  And overall, I feel like my exercise and eating were okay - just not as good as I would have liked.    

2 / Complete Christmas shopping.  (I think so???)  

My list looks good.  Brian and I are planning a wrapping night (while we watch Christmas Vacation) for this weekend.  So, that will be the true tell.  Right now, everything is tucked away in our closet and I'm not 100% sure what's in there.  

3 / Order Christmas cards.  (Done.) 

They arrived in the mail on Wednesday and I have about half of them addressed.  I also had the forethought to buy stamps while we were visiting Brian's parents over Thanksgiving.  I was pretty proud of myself for that, as getting stamps at their house consists of a two block walk while getting stamps at home always seems like a huge hassle.   

4 / Post three more blog posts. (Yep.)  

5 / Watch and take notes on one workshop from the Read Aloud Revival membership site. (Done.)  

I completed a workshop called Poetry Teatime.  

6 / Finish my 2017 reading goal.  (Yes!)  

This one makes me so happy.  When I set the goal at 40 books, I imagined that I would be reading like crazy the last couple weeks of the year to get 'er done.  Instead, it looks like I'll end the year between 45 and 50.  

- - - - - 

And onto December goals:  

1 / Improve my eating and exercise.  

It's going to be another month of crazy schedules, so I will be happy if I can meet or beat my November numbers.  

2 / Hang photos in the living room.

I recently purchased three big photo frames with the intention of hanging family photos above the couch.  It's been a few weeks and I've made no progress on getting the prints ordered.  Hopefully, making this goal public, will push me to accomplish this.  

3 / Watch and take notes on one workshop from the Read Aloud Revival membership site by 12/15 and then cancel my membership.  

There is one more workshop that I really want to watch, but I feel like the bulk of the value that comes with membership is aimed toward families with slightly older children or who are currently home schooling.  I definitely plan to join again in the future, but want to cancel my current membership before my next monthly payment is due.  
4 / Post two more blog posts.  

5 / Finish my goal planning for 2018, so I can start the new year off  on the right foot.  

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