Nov 2, 2017


Here's what I hope to accomplish this month. 

1 / Improve my exercise and eating.  In October I kept fairly detailed stats and my goal for November is to improve upon the numbers from last month.  I kept track of the number of days I hit 10,000 steps, my total number of steps for the month, my time exercising (I've been using MuTu System exercises) and the number of days I ate "well."  This last one is subjective, but I still think it is helpful to me to mark yes or no at the end of each day - and progress seems easier when I see several yes's in a row. 

2 / Complete Christmas shopping.  For the last several years, I have tried to have my shopping done by December 1st - and I've largely been successful.  I feel like this has made a huge difference in my ability to actually enjoy the month of December, so I'm going for it again. 

3 / Order Christmas cards.  Much like Christmas shopping, I experience a sense of relief when this task is accomplished.  Many years, I have them not only ordered but also printed and ready to mail by Thanksgiving.  I'm putting the bar a little low on this, this year, because having photos to put on the card is somewhat out of my control as we are still waiting on photographers from both my sister's wedding and family portraits with Brian's family. 

4 / Post three more blog posts. 

5 / Watch and take notes on one workshop from the Read Aloud Revival membership site.  I have much more to write about this (new to me) membership site and plan to do so in one of those blog posts mentioned above.

6 / Finish my 2017 reading goal.  My goal is 40 books. I'm at 36 or 37 right now.  I can't remember which off the top of my head.  Either way, finishing this month should be no problem. 

And I think that will do.  We actually have a fairly busy month planned with three family filled weekends, one weekend that I will be out of town with friends and a lot of nights without Brian home until after the kids are in bed due to his coaching schedule.  So, yep.  I better not go crazy on my goal setting. 

Happy November friends!


  1. Great list of goals! I've been on the fence about subscribing to RAR and would love to hear your experience. Looking forward to your post!

    1. Ashley, I had been on the fence for a long while, too. I think there is a lot of valuable content, but it seems pretty specific to home schooling families and kids that are just a bit older than mine. We are planning to home school in a couple years and I will likely rejoin then, but for now it just doesn't quite feel worth the money. What I have really appreciated though is that all past workshops and author events are available immediately upon signing up for membership. So, I'm planning to watch a few more and then cancel for now. I am also hugely grateful for the podcast and other free content. Hope that is helpful!