Nov 5, 2017


Oh, these kiddos.

They are SO funny and say such great things.  Here's a sampling of their words from summer 2017.

Eli: After Christmas is...July!
Sam: I don't thinks so.  After Christmas is Valentine's day.  It's gonna be love hearts everywhere!

He had a bug bite.  I had told him about (topical) Benadryl, but failed to ever put it on his foot.
Eli: Mama, remember my foot itches.  I need that drill!

Eli: Mama, if you're nice, I'll play baseball with you.  

Sam: There's a bird!
Me: Yes, it's a robin.
Sam: If that bird hears a firework, he'll say, "Huh!? What was that!?"
Walking toward the bird.
Sam: "Hi bird.  Do you know about July?"

Eli had been clearing his throat repeatedly for several minutes.
Me: What's going on with your throat?
Eli: It's just burping or something.

Sam: You know what?!  Jenna saw a BIG bear! was either a bear or a dog.

Eli: We need to dead those grasshoppers.

Getting to our vacation rental required us to drive by a Lowes.  Every time we drove by...
Sam: Louise. Margaret, though.  
It took me several trips to realize that he was reading Lowes as Low-ees "Louise" - which is Maggie's middle name.  

Eli: Mama, you're not a good pitcher.  Your brains aren't good at pitching.  Mama, you can play better when you grow up. 

As we walked up to our gate at the airport and looked out the window at the waiting planes.
Eli: Look at that plane!  ....but is it real?

Eli: If your door is closed, can lava get into your house?

Brian is a high school history, civics and economics teacher.
Me: What does daddy do at work?
Sam: He teaches friends how to play.

Sam: Don't touch the spider!
Eli: Why?
Sam: It's allergic to you.

Eli: Mama! I have to tell you something.  Is the spider allergic to me?

Sam: Mama, if your iPad isn't working, do you call 911?

Eli: Mama, did Grandpa Birger used to have pigs?
Me: He did.  When I was a little girl, he had pigs.
Eli: But how did they get away?
Me: Well, they grew up and the then they died.  Pigs don't live as long as people. 
Eli: But I'm gonna live a long time, but if you don't breathe, you don't live a long time.

Months after I got new glasses.
Sam: Mama, take off your glasses.  Do you look like mama?
Me: I don't know.  Do I?
Sam: No.  Put on your glasses.  Do you look like mama?
Me: I don't know.  Do I?
Sam: No, you look like April., can you put on your old glasses?

April is my sister / his aunt.  

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