Aug 27, 2017


Oh, these kiddos.

They are SO funny and say such great things.  

I was recently scrolling back through my feed and noticed that I didn't share kid quotes from this spring.  Without further ado, here is a sampling of quotes and conversations from our household:

Eli: Mama, we're having a pretty rough day.
Me: We are? What makes it rough for you?
Eli: Because we have a lot of snot going.

Sam: That was January Oneth., that was the first day of January?
And another day.
Sam: It's April Twoth!

I was trying on a chambray, button up shirt.
Eli: What are you doing?
Me: Trying on this shirt.  Is it good or not good?
Eli: Not good. look like...daddy.

Sam told me something surprising. 
Me: Are you serious?!
Sam: No! ...I'm happy...Maggie didn't knock down my blocks.

Making a rumbling sound with his mouth and a cup.
Eli: (giggle) It makes a little grumpy sound!

Seeing a drawing of a deer.
Sam: Look at his stick ears!

Hearing truck brakes.
Eli: That truck has squeaky pedals!

Nana told him he was getting old.
Eli: I'm not going to die!

Me: Eli, you look handsome.
Eli: Hey! I'm not handsome, I'm cute.  

Sam: When I'm 42, I'm not going to be Sam anymore.
Me: You're not?
Sam: No, I'm going to be a daddy.

Sam: We did good things in May.
Me: We did.  Which part did you like? (Thinking he would say something about birthdays or school or a visit to the Omaha Zoo.)
Sam: We had good food at the farm.  We had hot dogs and chips and marshmallows and chocolate and two graham crackers - that's S'mores!

Seeing a motorcycle:
Me: Did you know Grammie used to drive a motorcycle?
Eli: Connie!?

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