Aug 25, 2017



Here we are at August again.  School has started and we have a kindergartener at our house.  Crazy town.  The whole passage of time thing is so weird.  At times I still feel like I am playing at this mom role.  Are these little people really mine?  The world is trusting me to be in charge of them?  And in other moments it feels like the last five and a half years have been my whole life.  Was I really a person with a real life before these kids showed up?  It feels like so-o-o long ago.

Sam has taken to his new school like a champ.  He thrives on routines and schedules and generally knowing what to expect.  School definitely provides that.  We pulled him for the day of the eclipse (so he could watch it in an area that had 2 minutes plus of totality) and he was crazy bummed that he didn't get to go.

And the school year starting also means that Brian is back to teaching.  So, another summer break is officially in the books.

New Routines

And now I find myself home with Eli and Maggie for most of my days.

Maggie is definitely in toddler (not baby) mode - climbing on everything, getting into everything, starting to talk, expressing her likes (and dislikes) and generally showing us her personality.  This is pretty awesome to witness and also pretty taxing on me.  I feel like I can't keep up with her.

Similarly, Eli requires way more attention when Sam is away than when Sam is home.  He very rarely plays independently and so I find him following me around all day, every day.  "Mama, do you want to play farm?"

Keeping up with them is a challenge to my own nature.  I want / need (at least a bit of) time to myself.  I like to work on various projects and do household tasks without a million interruptions.  I guess this is something to look forward to as it definitely isn't happening now.  ...maybe the two of them will learn to play together over the course of this school year.


We are headed to Seattle so soon!  My sister is getting married and we get to be there for the festivities, plus fit in a bit of sight seeing.  Each of the kids have been there with me at least once and Brian and I have visited together twice.  I think my total number of trips to Seattle is up to 15 or so now, but most of them were pre-kiddos/marriage.

This will be our first time to Seattle as a family of five.  Also our first time on an airplane with all three kids.  Wish us luck!

But, we are super excited to welcome a new brother-in-law / uncle to the family, to spend a lot of time with other family and to show the kids the sights.

Pizza and Movie Night

Tonight = the start of a new tradition for our family: Friday night pizza and a movie.  The plan is to have this be our default Friday night plan.  If we are home, this is what we will do.

The boys are super-resistant to new movies.  Sam, in particular.  He was already crying this morning when I told him that the movie wouldn't be Dora or Daniel Tiger.  The trick seems to be to tell them they don't have to watch it, but just leave it on. Eventually they get sucked in., I'm not sure how the movie part is going to go.  Crossing my fingers.


As seems to be the case every fall, I have so many things to write about.  So, I imagine I will be back soon.


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