Apr 6, 2017


Oh, these kiddos.

They are SO funny and say such great things.  Here is a sampling of recent quotes and conversations from our household:

Always interested in tornadoes.
Eli: Does God have to climb up on a ladder to put the tornado up in the clouds?

Playing with Duplo blocks.  
Brian: That's a wall.  
Eli: It's a flag, buddy.  

Eli: Mama, sometimes do we die?  

About roosters.
Sam: Cock a little do!
Eli: Is he cock a do-ing?

Eli: What did God use to make my head?

Eli: Poop keeps stinkin' up our house!

Sam: When I'm 100, you won't hold me anymore.  When I'm 100, I'll be too heavy.  

And another day.
Sam: When I'm 100, I can't go to school.  
Me: What will you do? 
Sam: Stay home and play with you.  

Handing me a bright pink PlayDoh cookie.
Me: Yum! Can I have a bite? 
Sam: Yes...um, it's pretend.  

As I was asking him his birthday interview questions with a lot of "what's your favorite" type questions.
Eli: I don't like everything in this world because everything is too noisy and too hot. 

Eli: Mama, when you were a baby, what tummy were you in?

We've been having a lot of conversations / instruction about things that are appropriate in public and things that are only for private. 
Sam: When I jump off the step on the bus to come home, is that public or private?  

Eli: When Jesus comes, does he drive?

Sam had a headache.
Sam: Is my heart right here (pointing)?  
Me: Yes.  
Sam: Jesus goes up in my head to make it better, then back down to my heart!

Eli: Water makes spicy go away.  

About Sam - in a tattling voice.
Eli: Mama!  He keeps calling me sweetie pie!

We told Sam my mom and step-dad would be moving from Washington to Illinois.  
Sam: They will go down the hill to Oregon and California.  Then they have to go over to Arizona and New Mexico and Texas and Louisiana.  Then up the hill to Arkansas and Missouri and Illinois!  And that is all!  (...except he has some funny pronunciations for some of the states.)

More Sam map talk/pronunciation.
No-uh-noy = Illinois
En-dark-tica = Antarctica

Sam: I don't like eggs, but I almost like eggs.  
Me: What does that mean?  
Sam: It means when I grow up, then I will eat eggs.  

Eli: I don't like sausage.  I don't like bacon.  I like candy!  (pause)...but it's not healthy.

The boys were talking about Maggie being born.
Eli: And then she took off her clothes and she was all wet and she comed out! 

I was wearing a black and white striped shirt.
Eli: Mama, you're pretending to be a zebra!

Eli: Maybe we could eat some swordfish and maybe we could eat some fish without a sword.  But the big fish are too big for the oven and the pan and the microwave!

Eli: What are you doing?  
Me: Just resting.  I don't feel very well.  
Eli: Maybe you're going to die. 
Me: I don't think so.  
Eli: But you look pretty old.  

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