Mar 15, 2017


It's the middle of March and I've failed to set March goals.  Oops.  But, I'm chugging along in life and even getting things accomplished, so I'm not going to worry about it.  Perhaps, I will set some in April.

- - - - -

Half marathon training is happening.  Since Brian and I are both doing it - and since we are walking instead of running - and since we have these little people who don't take care of themselves - it feels like one day of each weekend is just taken over by training.  One of us walks (six miles / an hour and a half, last weekend) while the other watches the kids.  Then there is cool down and shower time.  And then we switch roles.  So...four hours or more of training time.  Ugh.

The plan we are following increases the distance of the long weekly walk by a mile each week through twelve miles.  So, by the end of April, it's just going to be kind of crazy with six hours of walking between the two of us plus prep, cool down and showers.  

But, this weekend, we have kid watchers on hand, so we will get to walk together - which is awesome in that we will get to spend an hour and forty five minutes alone / together and also because we will be done with the whole walking process in half the time.  Perhaps we will need to enlist help more often in the coming weeks.

The shorter walks that should be happening between the long ones have not been so great, thus far.  Most weeks, I've only managed to fit in one extra two-mile walk on the treadmill.  I wish it was more, but it just doesn't seem to be happening.

- - - - -

The boys both recently had birthdays - Sam's at the end of February and Eli's at the beginning of March.  I love that they are at ages (and of personalities) that small is good.  We had family get togethers for each of them and went out for dinner on their birthday nights.  That, plus a few presents was the extent of things, but they were happy.

- - - - -

Maggie is ten months.  How can my baby be so close to a year?  It didn't really hit me until her ten month birthday.  Her babyhood has just flown by and it makes me a bit sad.

- - - - -

I lo-ove Daylight Savings Time.  Sunlight at dinner time and during after dinner playtime makes me SO happy.  I'm kind of a light junkie.

And, we've been blessed with a couple mornings of the kids sleeping just a bit later than normal.  The time change doesn't impact me, personally - I have no trouble getting up at 5, so the kids sleeping in a bit means some extra time for me and I dig that.

- - - - -

We've started filling in our summer calendar and it is already kind of crazy with weekend commitments.  But, they are almost all fun commitments.  And, most of the weekdays will likely be the opposite of full, so it will be nice to have plans on the weekends.

- - - - -

And that sums up all the things I can think of off the top of my head.  Cheers!

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