Jan 22, 2017


The past thirty days have been anything but typical.  A little shake up is okay every now and then, but I'm more than ready to settle back into a routine.

Brian and Sam started their Christmas breaks from school on the 22nd and 23rd of December, respectively.  

Since then:

  • I have spent nine nights away from home (sleeping).
  • I pulled an all-nighter at home - with kids awake for various reasons all through the night.
  • I have worked two night shifts.  I was technically also away from home these nights, but I was awake.
  • We hosted a Christmas Eve "Minute To Win It" party.
  • I said farewell to my last living grandpa.  
  • Brian had two unplanned days off of school due to ice.
  • Sam had one unplanned day off of school due to ice.  
  • I have packed a lot of suitcases - my own, plus the kids', times several trips. 
  • I have spent a lot of time with my sister - both in Lincoln and Seattle.  
  • I have spent four nights away from Brian, Sam and Eli (in Seattle).
  • We have been working on getting Maggie to sleep through the night.  (This means a lot of time listening to a baby cry in the middle of the night and praying that she will go to sleep and also not wake up her brothers.)

Plus, we did the holidays.  Which were great, but a far cry from typical life, you know?

So, I'm standing here, looking ahead at the next several months and just hoping to settle back into a rhythm.  I think it's ahead.  Maybe it's even arrived.  Crossing my fingers.  

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