Jan 31, 2017


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I have been just eating up the daily podcasts from Side Hustle School by Chris Guillebeau.  They are short.  They are intriguing.  They are thought provoking.  They fit with my plan to work on entrepreneurial endeavors in 2017.

I read rave reviews about this book for babies as I was searching out Christmas gifts to buy for Maggie.  I was a bit skeptical - I didn't think it would be bad, but I just didn't see how it could be so special -  but I bought it anyway.  To my delight, Maggie loves it.  It doesn't seem all that different from other "first" books for babies, but she is all about it.  I think the size of the book may be a contributing factor; it is much bigger than most board books.  It has been added to my list of books to buy as baby gifts.  ...which should, perhaps, be a post in itself.

Leggings - - oh, these are so fun.  I think they could be just the ticket for that upcoming half marathon on my calendar.

How to Make Great Homemade Pizza.  I received a pizza stone and pizza peel for Christmas with the intention of making homemade pizza a weekly tradition.  I've used Kristen's recipe and instructions for the last two weeks and - - - success!  This will be a new, weekly, staple for our family and I'm excited about it.

This IG post.  Yes.

These blocks/tiles are the bomb.  Sam received two small sets for Christmas and they have been played with nonstop ever since.  More tiles are at the top of both boys' birthday wishlists.  

Pretty "love" dish towel.


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