Jan 27, 2017


We are in the midst of sickness round (feels like) 27 for the season.  Poor Sam got the brunt of it, this time around.  He still seemed pretty lethargic this morning, but totally rallied when I mentioned that I needed to call school and the bus to tell them he wouldn't be there today.  He kept down his breakfast (and it had been more than 24 hours since the last time he got sick), so I let him go.

We had planned to visit Brian's parents this weekend - driving after Brian got home from work tonight and heading home after lunch on Sunday.  Alas, the sickness has ruined those plans and we are all bummed.  Now, I'm just crossing my fingers that we will all be well enough for Brian and I to attend my work (belated) holiday get together on Sunday evening.

. . . . . . .

I signed up for the Lincoln Marathon along with Brian, my sister and her fiance.  Our plan is to walk the half marathon together.  April and I walked it in 2013 and averaged 14:38 miles, finishing in 3 hours and 11 minutes.  I would love to match or beat that time.  We haven't officially started training yet, but I feel like I am in significantly better shape at this starting point than I was four years ago.  Which is grand.  But, I have a feeling, that finding time to get those long training walks accomplished will be harder this time around.  We will see.

In previous years, this marathon has sold out in a matter of hours.  Registration opened, in the middle of the night, while I was visiting April in Seattle.  So, we set our alarms and woke up at 2am to register.  And now a couple weeks have passed and it still hasn't sold out.  Oh well.  We were prepared.  Ha!

. . . . . . .

Sam and Eli are crazy reluctant to watch anything new on the TV and are also very easily spooked by anything they deem "scary."  They've only seen a handful of movies and almost always say "no" when asked if they want to watch one - whether it is new to them or not.

So, we finally convinced them to watch Finding Nemo a week or two ago.  We only made it about five minutes into the movie at which point they were both begging us to turn off the TV.  What is wrong with our children?!? It makes me both laugh and also kind of want to cry.

We tried explaining the entire plot of the movie and let them know that it has a happy ending when Nemo's daddy finds him, but they aren't having it.  ...someday.  And even though they only watched five minutes, Nemo has been a big topic of conversation around here.

. . . . . . .

The boys' birthdays are coming up in February and March and that's the big talk around here.  They are so excited.  Along with family parties, we are planning to go to Chuck E. Cheese on the night of Sam's birthday and to visit an indoor waterpark over the weekend between their birthdays.  These will both be new experiences for them, so they don't really know what to expect, but they are excited.  We need to figure out one other small outing for the actual day of Eli's birthday, but I think we will wait until closer to the day to decide that one.

. . . . . . .

Wishing you a happy and healthy weekend!

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