Nov 29, 2016


It's been a while since I've shared any Project Life layouts - and related thoughts - so here goes.

One of the things that has really hit home with me in the last year is the idea that keeping up is easier than catching up.  I've adopted it as a sort of mantra related to all those household and life tasks that never come to completion - laundry, dishes, keeping the van reasonably clean, etc.

Documenting definitely fits into this category.  I like to do a layout for each week of the year and those weeks keep passing by.  The distinct difference in time and energy required to complete layouts when I am behind (and trying to catch up) versus when I have only the previous week to complete is huge.  Keeping up is SO MUCH easier than catching up.  And I am so, so happy to be caught up again.

It's been six weeks now and I don't think I will let myself lose traction again for quite awhile.  It helps that Project Life is basically my only regular creative outlet at the moment.  Since I crave time to do my own thing, I am always happy to work on my album.

I don't have a lot of new things to report on my process or pages.  I'm still using a combination of Studio Calico subscription cards and cards from my stash of Project Life Core Kits (of which I have bits and pieces left from quite a few different kits).  An acquaintance recently gifted me supplies she had, but wasn't going to use.  This was super sweet and much appreciated.

I love mixing and matching and my stash is getting a bit low, overall.  I spent a few minutes, earlier in the week, looking through the Becky Higgins website to see what Core Kits were currently available.  I think I will purchase the Project 52 Fresh Core Kit before the new year.  I desperately wish the Sunshine Kit was still available and also that the Forever Young Kit had a white background instead of ivory/off-white.

One last thing that I wanted to share: the PL Envelope pages are fabulous.

If you do any sort of documenting - or even if you don't - these are the perfect storage place for all the things of life that you want to keep.  They fit perfectly in a three ring binder (and come in various sizes), close securely so things don't fall out and have a pocket at the front for labeling.  I love them and seem to use them more and more as the years pass and the kids collect more stuff.