Nov 7, 2016


A few good and share-worthy things I've found around the internet:

4 Decluttering Epiphanies / Sometimes all the decluttering stuff feels like, "yeah, I've read that before," but this post offers a slightly different perspective and it resonated well with me.

And, I found the above post via Kathleen's monthly newsletter - which I would highly recommend... it's kind of like reading several small blog posts in one email.

Family Updates (third item on the linked list) / This is something that my sister and I have been doing sporadically and that I really enjoy.  Just as Rubin points out, it is so nice to feel connected with the small and everyday things going on in someone's life that would otherwise be inaccessible because of distance.

Bibs / I originally found these thanks to a link on Sarah's blog.  They are fabulous.  We just put our first set to rest (due to baby food staining) and Maggie received a brand new set for her half birthday.  Thanks grandma and grandpa!

A Roundup of Pink Sneakers / Well, I had (for once) no sneakers on my Christmas wishlist, this year.  But, pink sneakers?  I don't think I've ever owned any and now I want to.

I think I need to create some sort of printable of this quote to hang on my wall.  The words are so true and totally speak to my heart.

Pretty sure a good chunk of my November fun money will be spent on this and this.

How to Find Product Sources on Pinterest / Um, hello.  This is fabulous and I had no idea that this was a Pinterest feature before reading this post.

Happy Monday, friends!

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