Nov 3, 2016


Currently, I am:

Thrilled at how much Eli suddenly loves to draw.  This is the kind of artistic interest that I was seeking when I wrote about craft time in this post.  He fills page after page and sidewalk square after sidewalk square.  It is hard to get him to stop.  His favorite things to draw, just now, are Os, Qs and lollipops.  He also draws "guys" and "spiders."

Amazed (in a not so good way) at his resourcefulness at  finding writing implements.  I keep thinking they are all stored away on too-high-for-him-to-reach shelves.  And then he proves me wrong and finds yet another marker / pen / pencil / crayon hiding somewhere around the house.  And he goes to town.  We currently have writing on our walls, floors, couch, windows, dining room chairs, table and probably other places I haven't even noticed.  His skin and his snack (as seen above) have also been victims.  Aaah.  We've repeated and repeated, "Only draw on paper!" but so far it is falling on deaf ears.

Striving to buy no disposable diapers this month.  I fall in and out of love with our cloth diapers on a somewhat regular basis.  Last month, I just wanted to give up and be done with them.  Then I saw the pretty penny we spent on disposables and re-decided that cloth is worth the small hassle it requires.

Proud of myself for fixing a few of the cloth diaper issues that we've encountered.  I bought this set of snaps and pliers so I could fix the ones that were missing snaps.  Why didn't I do this a year or two ago?  Seriously.  It was so easy to use and we now have eight more diapers in our rotation so we don't have to wash as often.  Also, I googled a bit and found a new wash routine that requires one less step and seems to have an improved outcome.

Thankful that another week of Brian's basketball coaching season is (almost) over.  He coaches middle school, so it is a short season and really not a huge commitment.  Still, we miss having him home.

Enjoying a revamped daily checklist for this month.  After falling off the checklist horse halfway through October, I decided to make a much simpler one for November.  My five daily checks are: flossing, devotions, dinner plans (early in the day, so I don't stress at dinner time), walking 10,000 steps and brushing my teeth before bed.  Nothing big or extraordinary, but if I do these five activities each day (besides all the usual mom / wife / household keeper stuff), I feel pretty good about things.

Being summoned to the other room by a crying babe.  :)

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