Oct 1, 2016


Unlike (seemingly) everyone else, autumn is not my favorite season.  There are parts of it I like - pulling out the long sleeves, drinking hot chocolate and (just a little) college football- but, my true loves are spring and summer.  

The boys, however, are happily anticipating Halloween, a trip to the pumpkin patch and other fall related activities.  Their excitement is my excitement and we have some fun things to look forward to in the coming few weeks.  

My October goals are as follows:

1.  Get as many x's in my daily checklist as possible.  The image above shows my September checklist.  I had 30 blank spots in 30 days.  So, I will aim for fewer than 30 misses in this month's 31 days.

2. Walk a minimum of 300,000 steps.  I just eked this one out in September.  I would like to do better in October, but - really - will be content as long as I meet the goal.

3.  Figure out an Advent devotional plan for myself.  I'm working on this a bit earlier than really is necessary because I have a rough idea for a DIY plan and I want to make sure I get it done - and in a way that I am really happy with - before the start of Advent.

4.  Start planning Advent study and activities for the kids.  Last year, I did this super last minute and didn't invest enough time in the planning to make it engaging for my kids.  I can do better this year and am excited to work on tailoring it to them and to our family.

5.  Reach the "caught up" point in our family Project Life album.  As mentioned in a few other posts, I have been working on our album consistently, but have yet to quite catch up with real time since Maggie was born.  This is the month, my friends.  I will make it happen.  

And, I think that will do it.  My word for the year is simplify, after all.

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