Oct 7, 2016


Enjoying the start of Christmas shopping.   I've purchased a few things online and a few things at various stores.  I'm all about buying a little here and there with a goal of being done by the first week of December.  Buying gifts for the kids is so much fun.

Thankful for my step-mom.  She drove down for the day, yesterday, and played all day with the kiddos while I shopped and spent a few hours at the library.  It was so kind of her, the kids had a great time and it was a much needed break on my end.    

Excited to start learning about Degas with the boys.  The Sheldon has a copy of his The Little Dancer sculpture.  After we learn about him for a few weeks (and learn about museum etiquette), we will have a follow up field trip.  Art museums are among my favorite places.  I am excited to take to the kids for their first visit to The Sheldon.  

Undecided about a jacket that I purchased.  The weather has been jacket-worthy and I don't own one.  I bought one yesterday, but can't decide if it's a keeper.  

Loving my new usual breakfast - a microwave-poached egg with a soft or runny yolk over peanut butter toast.  With some salt and pepper on top.  Brian says it looks and sounds gross.  I can see that, but it totally hits my spot.  

Pushing a double stroller around the neighborhood!  I was able to buy one from one of my best friends - who was done with it - which was an all around perfect solution.  I didn't have to decide among a million options because I just took what I got.  I didn't have to pay an arm and a leg because she generously gave it to me for $40.  And, I didn't have a big learning curve because her double stroller is the same brand as our single stroller and works in the exact same way.  Thanks, Mel!  

Taking part in the #30daysofhome challenge on Instagram - hosted by Little Paper Projects.  I like that it encourages me to take photos of new things and new vantage points around our home.  It is also fun to see how other people interpret the prompts and get glimpses into their lives and homes.  

Happy to have a play date with neighbors followed by a walking-date (with double stroller!) with another friend, on the schedule this morning.  

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