Sep 9, 2016


Oh, these kiddos.

They are SO funny and say such great things.  Here is a sampling of recent quotes and conversations from our household:

At the dinner table.
Sam: Daddy, when you get bigger you'll get wings and then you can fly!

In the cry room at church with Maggie and me.
Eli: There's a star on his jammies.
Me: Whose jammies?
Eli: Pastors!

Talking about food's path through the body...
Eli: I don't have intestines.
Brian:  You don't have intestines?
Eli: Nope.
Brian: What do you have instead?
Eli: I have fries.

Leaving for the store with Brian, while Maggie, Eli and I were staying home.
Sam: I love you, Eli.  I hope to see you soon, Eli.  You can't go.  Just me.  I'm a grown up.

Overheard from another room.
Eli: I smell poop.  Sam, did you poop or did I poop?

After he said something funny.
Me: I find you amusing.
Eli: I find you at the museum.

As I was cutting Eli's hair (and had just given a similar compliment to Sam after cutting his hair).
Eli: Mama, you are handsome!

Background for the next two quotes - Sam pukes somewhat regularly and often asks for "his bucket" a good while (even many hours) before he actually throws up.  Basically, it has become something of a non-event in our household.

On our way out to dinner - with no plans to be back home for a few hours.
Sam: I don't have my bucket.
Me: Do you need to puke?
Sam: Ya.  I will just wait 'til I get home.

At the dinner table
Sam: I want my bucket.
Then, immediately after being handed his puke bucket, which was close by.
Sam: I want candy!

Playing with a toy owl.
Eli: Does owls like beer, mama?  Does they like cat food?  Do cats like peanut butter?

After he said something funny.
Me: Where did you get your funniness from?
Eli: From down there in my intestines.

Looking at a scribble someone made in a library book.  Grimacing.  
Sam: Oh no!  Will Jesus clean it up?

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