Sep 16, 2016


Remembering all over again how wonderful it is to print photos at home.  I recently used a coupon to print a big batch of photos through Shutterfly.  Saving money was nice, but waiting more than a week (versus my usual 30 seconds) to have the finished product in my hand was painful. (I use this printer and love it.)

Revisiting the idea of buying a double stroller.  We made it just fine with two kids and only a single stroller.  I thought we'd be good for this go around, too.  But.  It seems I was wrong.  I'm thinking one would come in pretty handy.  Now to decide which brand / which kind / how much money to spend.

Feeling like the little two are ganging up on me in the anti-napping department.  They seem to be against them until 4pm (Eli).  Or only willing to nap for 30 minutes at a time (Maggie).  The one day of the last week when Eli fell asleep at 1:13pm, Maggie woke up at 1:15pm.  I am in serious need of some alone time.

Excited for our weekend.  We are going out for dinner tonight, watching the UNL pregame band practice - in the stadium - tomorrow morning and joining church friends for time at the play center on Sunday evening.  I also need to make a trip to the library and we will do our usual church / Sunday School routine on Sunday morning.  It's more than we usually plan for a weekend, but it should be fun.

Loving how much Sam is telling us about school.  It's not a ton and it's far from detailed, but it's SO MUCH more than what he would tell us last spring.  It's fun to have a little more insight into his time away from us and to hear the ways he shares his stories.

Buying Maggie some 12 month long-sleeve onesies.  The weather is trending toward cooler and she is almost too long for the nine month onesies - depending on brand and depending on if she is wearing cloth or disposable diapers.  My question: why do they put wording on so much baby and kid clothing?  I am not a fan.  

Staying on track with my walking goal.  For the past few months, I've been striving to hit 300,000 steps per month.  I still try to get 10,000 each day and usually do, but some days it just isn't possible.  The monthly average serves the same purpose - - getting myself to move more - - while still allowing for a few low step days.  July and August were easily accomplished, in part because they had 31 days.  September only has 30, so I've been working hard to stay on track.  Yesterday, at the halfway point of the month, I ended the day with 150,156....right where I'm supposed to be!

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