Sep 1, 2016


Sorting through kids clothes.  They are all growing like little weeds and I am anticipating the eventual season / weather change.  I've made it through Sam and Eli's clothes and started on Maggie's.  She will need some new things whenever the weather gets cooler, but I don't know what size to buy, so I'm holding off for now.

Determined to have a good money month.  Our finances have not been ideal, these last several months.  A big part of the problem has been medical bills (which are out of our hands), but they aren't the only factor.  This month, we will get back on track.

Enjoying watching the boys play "daddy" to some stuffed animals.  Eli, in particular, is really into this game.  He has a toy elephant that is his baby and I've found it in the swing, in the front of the toy shopping cart, etc.  He also found my front carrier and was carrying around a stuffed Donald Duck for a few days.

Thankful for a fresh start with my daily checklist.  I totally fell off the wagon about halfway through August.  I edited my list a bit before September started and am ready to give it another go.  

Wearing my pre-pregnancy pants.  Woohoo!  This is definitely the fastest that I've reached that post pregnancy milestone.  I still have a ways to go, weight-wise, but I'll take this win and enjoy it before worrying more about my weight.

Still in love with the Happier podcast.  It is the only podcast I listen to religiously.  I often find myself thinking about or trying the things they discuss days and weeks after I listen to the episodes.  And the things I've embraced really have made me feel happier.

Attempting to get things in order for the first third of Maggie's baby book.  I have a coupon for 101 free prints from Shutterfly.  I really want to take advantage of it, so I've been spending my free moments sorting and sizing images.

Wishing I was road tripping this weekend.  There were spur of the moment discussions about a quick trip on Saturday that ended up falling through.  It's all for the best - and really it was my decision to call it off - but I still wish it was happening.  

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