Sep 28, 2016


A few good and share-worthy things I've found around the internet:

* I thought this post about a grammar rule we follow without being taught was interesting and thought provoking.

* Fashion is so not my thing.  But, I keep being drawn to Caroline's blog and I am particularly attracted to her fall remix series.

* The Simple Dollar is one of the few blogs I've read faithfully for many, many years.  Trent's recent (and still ongoing) 31 Days to Financial Independence Series is great.  I have been completing the weekly exercises and using the blog posts as a sort of personal finance workshop.

* Do you use the Ibotta app?  I often fail at couponing - forgetting to bring them with me or forgetting to use them once I get to the checkout - but this app makes it all easy.  I've only used it for the last few months, but have already "earned" more than $40.  I particularly love that there are discounts on produce and not-brand-name-specific items.  I only wish it worked at Aldi, where I buy the majority of our groceries.  (Link is an affiliate link.)

How to support a friend who's lost a baby.  I'm filing this one away, but hoping (of course) that I won't need to refer to it.

* I was a loyal Young House Love blog enthusiast and was so excited when they started podcasting.  But, their podcast just isn't doing it for me.  I unsubscribed after listening to their first several episodes.  And then I saw, via Instagram, that they are currently renovating their kitchen.  So, I will definitely be listening to the recently released episode about the renovation and anxiously awaiting the correlating blog post.

Cheers to Wednesday!  I hope yours is wonderful.

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