Aug 25, 2016


Getting used to the school year schedule.  Brian has been back to school for a couple weeks and Sam started preschool on the 18th.  He goes Monday through Friday from noon to four.  I like having a more regular rhythm and routine, but it always takes a while to adjust to new schedules.

Sleeping very irregularly - and the baby is not to blame.  Most nights she wakes up once between 8pm and 5am.  And, once a week or so, she even sleeps through that feeding.  But those big brothers of hers are giving me a run for my money.  We recently had our first experience dealing with bad dreams and the boys have just been very needy about wanting one or the other to snuggle with them while they fall asleep.

Enjoying writing and sharing my thoughts here, again.  I've had several posts in draft form for many months.  In my bits and pieces of free time, this week, I've been editing and have several almost ready to publish.  It's nice to finally take the time to do something just for myself and just for fun.

Loving listening to the boys converse with one another.  This is still new enough that I often stop whatever I am doing to hear what they have to say to each other.  It's usually pretty amusing.

Reading in fits and starts.  I use the Kindle App on my phone to read while I nurse - except that if I'm not engrossed in the middle of a book, I find myself browsing the internet instead of reading.  I've read a lot of good books in the past few months, but every time I finish a book, I find it challenging to get into the next one.

Thankful that nursing is going so well.  Following a few weeks of OUCH at the beginning, all is well.  I had decided before Maggie was born, that if I had to pump I would only do so for a couple months and then let it go and use formula without guilt.  And I would have - because I don't know how or why I was crazy enough to pump exclusively for Sam for eight long months - but I am thankful that instead I can just nurse her.

(If you are a breastfeeding mama that is pumping more power (and energy) to you, but I decided that doing so just wouldn't fit with my life right now.)

So glad that I started "Morning School" with the boys a couple weeks ago.  It is our version of a mini homeschool preschool.  They are excited for it every day, often ask to do it more than once and even "played Morning School" over the weekend.  I am documenting our homeschool preschool adventures on this Instagram account, if you are interested in following along.

Looking forward to a visit from my mom and step-dad.  Their plane gets in late tonight!  

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