Feb 23, 2016


Outgrowing most of my maternity clothes.  I am between 28 and 29 weeks and down to just a handful of shirts that stretch all the way over my belly.  Since I am planning on this being my last pregnancy, I've tried to get by with purchasing as few maternity things as possible.  But, I think it's time to do a little bit of shopping.

Eating too many sweets.  If they are in the house, I want to eat them.  I need to get them out of the house.  Soon.  My next doctor appointment is in less than a week and I'm kind of scared to step on their scale.

Using prompts from my "Documenting Baby" resource to journal about my pregnancy.  I haven't been very good about taking baby bump photos, but I've got the journaling part covered.

Feeling so proud of Sam.  He has made a lot of strides in the last few months.  I can see him growing and maturing all the time.

Confused by Sam's erratic sleep schedule.  He has never been a "good" sleeper, but he used to at least be predictable:  generally 8pm to 5am with a trip or two to our room in the middle of the night.  Since he started preschool in January, there is no telling what time he might fall asleep or wake up.  His bedtimes have been as early as 6pm and as late as 9pm.  His wake up times have varied from 4am to 7:30 am.

Thankful for a slight reprieve in the winter weather.  We had two beautiful days last week and the highs have just generally moved from the 20s/30s to the 40s/50s.  I will take it and look forward to the continued warm up in the next few months.

Amazed at Eli's transition to a "big boy bed."  We switched him just over a week ago and he's done so, so well.  The "bed" is really just a twin mattress on the floor and we had it in his room for a few weeks before trying to get him to sleep there.

Daydreaming about entrepreneurial ventures.  This is nothing new for me, but has been on overdrive in the last month or two.

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