Oct 6, 2015


Two of my fellow Becky Higgins Creative Team members are hosting an online class / workshop all about documenting where you live.  It is a four week class that begins this week.  It is not about capturing or magazine or Pinterest worthy shots of your home.  It is about recording where and how you live your daily life.

I often capture bits of our home in the background of photos or take zoomed in shots of the "pretty bits" for blog post headers.  But I have never done a full-on house wide photo shoot or taken the time to write out the stories of where we live.

Our house is always in flux.  From the toys that are spread daily on the floor to the photos on the walls.  I am looking forward to capturing how we live right now and putting a time stamp on this moment.

Part of what appealed to me about this class is that there is no set format for documenting.  It seems like so many scrapbooking workshops are designed around the plan to create a mini-album.  Mini-albums are just not my thing.  I like having all of my documenting in one place and I prefer the pocket-style layout.  Accordingly, I will add whatever I create for this class right into our current family Project Life album.

You can read a lot more about Love Where You Live and register for the class here.  There is certainly no obligation here, but if you decide to register for the course, I would love it if you would let them know that I sent you when you register - just enter "brooke petermann" at checkout.

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