Oct 8, 2015


I couldn't resist the call of orange and black for an October post.

ampersand print
baby "skinny sweats"

It's hard to believe that Halloween is only a few weeks away.  I've never been a big fan, but it is fun to see Sam excited about it.  Last year, we had to bribe him.  "Wear this costume and you will get candy."  This year, he's been wearing his costume around the house just for fun.  

The Vacation Bible School that he attended over the summer had five animal characters and one of them was "Yeddy" - a Himalayan brown bear.  Four months later, he is still listening to Bible School music and talking about the animals.  So, we bought him a brown bear costume and he is "Yeddy."

Eli is all about tractors, so he is going to be a farmer.  He is still too young to understand any of it, but I figured that he would be happy if he could carry around a toy tractor.  

- - - - - 

I'm not a watch person, but I think that watch is pretty pretty.  If I was forced to wear a watch, that one would be a contender.  Also, giant ampersand art and baby skinny sweats = good stuff that I would totally add to my shopping cart.  

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