Sep 2, 2015


September is here.  Brian has been back to school for a few weeks.  It is a new season and one that I've been anxiously awaiting.

I wouldn't change our summers for anything.  This one, in particular, was pretty great.  We spent a lot of days doing "nothing" or just tootling around town and exploring with the boys.  We traveled quite a bit and I finally got back into a serious reading groove.  It is such a blessing that Brian and I are both able to spend the entire summer "at home."

But I am a fool for routines and have been enjoying the last few weeks of getting back into a regular groove.

September is here.  It's more than ninety degrees out this afternoon.  But we've had a few nights of the temperatures dipping into the fifties.  I'm ready to embrace everything about autumn, including cooler weather.

I'm ready for my fall wardrobe (including sweaters!), soup and cornbread, trips to the apple orchard, a less-busy zoo (because the school aged kids are in school), a colorful leaf-collecting walk, cozying up under a quilt and making a few new quilts.

September is here.  I'm digging in my heels for a new round of this blogging thing.

Getting started has been difficult, this time.  I know how much time it takes and I know how little time I have.  I know what I'm getting into.

It keeps calling to me and my attempts to ignore it have proven futile.  I go through my days thinking, "I could blog about that" and so many things are asking to be shared.  For a while, I thought I could be content with sharing via Instagram, but it just isn't the same.

If one was trying to build a solid audience, one wouldn't continue to change platforms and restart their blog from scratch.  But here I am on round three of "grace and light" and back to using blogger with zero followers.  I have my reasons (and also hopes and plans for getting some new readers / convincing my previous readers to find me again), but eesh.  It's still a little scary.

If you are reading this, I'm glad you're here.  I'm ready to take on this blogging adventure, yet again.


  1. I've missed your blog and have thought about you lots! Glad to have you back (but totally understand the break, too)!

  2. Thanks, Kathleen! I'm glad to be back, too - although the break felt necessary and was enjoyed. :)

  3. A colorful leaf-collecting walk, cozying up under a quilt and making a few new quilts.